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Founded in 1978, Bennett Galleries Nashville has long been a trusted source for Nashville residents and interior designers for original art and custom framing. We sat down with Elizabeth Perkins, owner of this fabulous female-owned family business, to learn all about their offerings and approach.

Mother-son duo and original gallerists Bess and Bill Bennett transferred ownership to Elizabeth about four years ago. Prior to becoming the official owner, Elizabeth served as the gallery’s director for more than two decades. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Elizabeth learned a lot of what she knows about art from being mentored by the Bennetts over the years.

Bennett Galleries Nashville has been a Nashville staple for fine art and custom framing for nearly 44 years. “I think it’s great that we’ve ‘established 1978’ on the outside of our building,” says owner Elizabeth Perkins. “I know that if I’m in another city and see that a restaurant was started in 1978, I think, ‘Well, they know what they’re doing at this point.

Elizabeth Perkins posing in front of custom framing options.

Elizabeth Perkins is the current owner of Bennett Galleries Nashville and has worked at the gallery for nearly 30 years.

By keeping the same name and business model, Bennett Galleries Nashville remains a trusted source for fine art. Elizabeth describes it as a successful small business that’s about as far removed from the corporate world as it gets. “We’re very approachable, light-hearted and don’t take ourselves too seriously,” she adds. “I think some people are intimidated because we’re an art gallery and we’re in an exclusive area of ​​Nashville, but once they walk through our doors, they know we’re not pretentious at all. “

This personalized and humble approach is what attracts so many people to Bennett Galleries Nashville. You don’t have to be an art lover to browse the gallery’s art collection. “Customers come in and find us friendly and helpful, without taking us too seriously,” Elizabeth says of the in-store experience. “We invite you to come in and browse the gallery. We can hold your hand and guide you through the process.

Artwork exhibited at Bennett Galleries Nashville.

As you explore the gallery, you’ll find everything from abstract art to landscape and figurative art by local, regional and international artists.

It’s also important to note that the Bennett Galleries Nashville website has an even more extensive selection of artwork. It is a great tool to view gallery collection in one go. “We usually say we have a lot of paints in stock,” adds Elizabeth. “We can’t snag them all at once, so we like to direct people to our website as well.”

Similar to the in-store shopping experience, Elizabeth describes the approach as somewhat laid back when it comes to finding artwork. First, Elizabeth and gallery director Miranda Herrick meet to decide if they like the submitted work. From there, the two decide if the artwork is suitable for the gallery and if they think customers will appreciate the work.

“If it’s salable and fits well, that’s our system,” Elizabeth says of the approach. “We are as far away from official policies as possible. We take each day as it comes and watch it all unfold.

Dr. Seuss Art Collection at Nashville, TN, Art Gallery.

Bennett Galleries Nashville is also an official stockist of The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection.

In addition to fine art, Bennett Galleries Nashville is one of the best (if not the best) custom framers in Nashville. Each member of staff is at the top of their profession and has years of experience in the field of personal coaching. The gallery offers a selection of European and American materials and can frame almost anything. “I would honestly say we have the best of the best coaches in this city, and our selection is excellent,” says Elizabeth of her coaching team. “It ranges from very affordable to very expensive too. We can do the full range of framing. We frame anything.

Steps at Bennett Galleries Nashville leading to the framing gallery.

Be sure to head upstairs to see the gallery’s full collection of custom framing options!

Custom framing options at a Nashville, TN art gallery.

“We make museum-quality framing, and everyone who works here has years and years of experience,” Elizabeth says of the custom framing experience. “They’re all at the top of their profession, and I’m grateful they all landed here.”

Executive selection at Bennett Galleries Nashville.

In addition to custom frame options, Bennett Galleries Nashville also offers many ready-to-use frames.

Bennett Galleries Nashville has also become a trusted source for interior designers. Elizabeth once again attributes this to the gallery’s friendly approach to business and the wide selection of frames and moldings they stock. “We can build frames quickly and we have a lot of designers who need a quick turnaround,” adds Elizabeth. “The designers know they can come to us and we’ll be like, ‘Okay, we’ll rush you.'”

Artwork exhibited at Bennett Galleries Nashville.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Elizabeth says Bennett Galleries Nashville gift certificates make a great holiday gift. They can be used on artwork or towards custom framing.

Whether you’re looking to frame a piece of art for your home or office, or just looking to source a ready-made frame, the team at Bennett Galleries Nashville is ready to help. “We are running on a great reputation and a great product. Whether it’s artwork or custom framing, we do it, we do it well, and we do it in a nice and friendly way,” says Elizabeth.

Bennett Galleries Nashville is located at 2104 Crestmoor Rd, Nashville, TN 37215. For more information, visit or call (615) 297-3201.

This article is sponsored by Bennett Galleries Nashville. All photography from Bennett Galleries Nashville.

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