The Sacramento CA home with a fantastic interior price drop


The unique Sacramento property that made headlines around the world earlier this month has also fascinated the owner’s niece since she was a small child.

Steps from Curtis Park, the interior of the four-bedroom, two-bathroom residence at 2510 Coleman Way was inspired by famed Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, according to Janet Carlson of Lyon Real Estate, the agent holding the listing. and a friend of the late owner, Lou Kraft.

The vibe of the house could be described as Lord of the Rings, European architecture and Disneyland mixed together. Kraft was a fan of Gaudi, who is best known for his work on the incredible Sagrada Família church in Barcelona.

SAC_20221020_CC_2510 COLEMANWAY35DSC05668.JPG
The former owner of the residence at 2510 Coleman Way had this entire room painted to depict one of his favorite views. It is said to be a highlight of the house, October 20, 2022. Cameron Clark [email protected]

“He was a fancy man,” Kraft’s niece Ayla Kraft of Roseville said in a new video from The Sacramento Bee. “And throughout my life growing up with him as a kid was amazing. To be able to walk into that house – it was his own fantasy world. And he loved us so much. And we were his children to him. , because he didn’t have any kids of his own. So he always made us come to his house and showed us his new work he was working on. And always let us have a fun time.

Filled with art and paintings reflecting the four elements, zodiac signs and hidden hiding places, the 2,320 square foot home features a living room with bay window, leaded glass, fireplace, built-in seating, under -full floor with exterior access, a two-storey garage and a swimming pool. Newly renovated hardwood floors run through much of the home. The colorful and whimsical artwork inside has been created by Kraft, a local psychiatrist, for over 25 years. He used caulking compound, styrofoam, wood, and paint.

“He was still working on a new section of the house,” Kraft said. “And he’d be so excited to show us what he had done and we’d just be mesmerized. We didn’t know the house wasn’t normal growing up. It wasn’t until we had a Christmas party at his house. him, and some of our family, friends, and neighbors came in. And they were just blown away walking into the house. And I was confused because I was like, ‘What do you mean, this is so crazy. This is my uncle’s house.

Kraft explains more about the house, including the calculation equations embedded in the walls, in the video above.

SAC_20221020_CC_2510 COLEMANWAY34DSC05668.JPG
This home is located across from Curtis Park, housing four bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as an interesting interior design, October 20, 2022. Cameron Clark [email protected]

Even with 1,000 people walking through the house on its first open house weekend and media attention from around the world since it hit the market in early October, the price of the property has dropped by $100,000 – but experts real estate have never been certain of the price of the unique location.

“This property is truly an outlier and it will be difficult to assess because there really isn’t a perfect comparison,” Sacramento appraiser and market analyst Ryan Lundquist told The Bee. “Truly, for something like this, we can get some ideas of what it might be worth, and then we’ll see how the market actually responds.”

The original asking price was $825,000 and is now $725,000.

This story was originally published October 19, 2022 6:00 p.m.

David Caraccio is a video producer for The Sacramento Bee who was born and raised in Sacramento. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and a lifelong journalist who has worked for newspapers as a reporter, editor, page designer, and digital content producer.


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