The Ministry of the Interior confirms that all border posts in Burundi are open


Via the official account of the Burundian Ministry of Interior, Community Development and Public Security, it has been announced that all Burundian border posts are open. The last borders opened were those with Rwanda closed in the middle of the 2015 electoral crisis.

In August 2022, after two years of closure, Rwanda’s borders were opened to ordinary citizens of Uganda, Tanzania and DRC.

According to Rwandan authorities, the decision to reopen the border was based on progress made in the fight against the coronavirus.

As Rwanda opened its borders, Burundian authorities said the only remaining obstacle to opening its border was the question surrounding the suspected perpetrators of the 2015 coup attempt in Burundi.

Commentators note that Burundi’s opening of borders marks a new chapter in the relationship with Rwanda, particularly in terms of business flow.

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