“The Ministry of Interior is positioned for job creation”, – Perm Sec


As the number of unemployed Nigerians continues to rise due to our exponential increase in population, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dr Shuaib Belgore said the ministry is well placed for the creation of jobs to alleviate soaring unemployment in the country.

Belgore made the revelation when he received the Senior Special Assistant to the President (SSAP) on Job Creation, Ms. Tilda Mmegwa, saying that the past two years had been marked by unprecedented recruitment into paramilitary groups under ministry oversight.

He shook the numbers to the admiration of the visiting SSAP on job creation, which includes more than 9,000 in the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) and the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) , while about 1,000 admissions each were admitted into the Nigerian correctional system. Service (NCoS) and Federal Fire Service (FFS).

Belgore further disclosed that the job creation multiplier effects are unique in granting business licenses to new businesses in addition to expatriate quotas granted to joint ventures and wholly owned Nigerian companies. He said these functions are housed within the Department of Business and Citizenship (C&B) of the ministry.

“While the ministry grants expatriate quotas to firms and corporations under joint venture agreements or wholly owned Nigerian companies, we are encouraging the hiring of Nigerian professionals to fill certain vacancies. This is done to create jobs for Nigerian professionals,” Belgore said.

Belgore also took the opportunity to congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari for his uncommon investment in the Federal Fire Service by growing its fleet of firefighting trucks from an abysmal number to more than 100 gadgets. modern and functional fire gadgets, adding that the purchase of these fire gadgets has improved operations and response. to disaster.

Earlier, Mme Mmegwa thanked the permanent secretary for his warm welcome while saying that her office would coordinate with the ministry to collect data on recruitment into four paramilitary groups supervised by the ministry.

She expressed her satisfaction with what she described as a “phenomenal intervention” by the ministry to create jobs for Nigerians, as she admitted that most countries in the world are facing economic crises fueled by the pandemic. of COVID-19 and the accompanying global inflation.

Abdulrahim Saad
Protocol Officer to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior


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