The Block 2022 Exclusive: How Tradie Jenny Developed Her Interior Design Skills


When apprentice carpenter Jenny and her builder fiancé Dylan arrived in Gisborne to start The blockthey knew they had sorted out the building side of the renovation.

What they didn’t have experience with, however, was the interior styling. But it’s something that Jenny jumped into the depths with on the show, and has now become so good at it that it’s helped her and Dylan win two Room Reveals in a row.

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From colors to illustration and putting [décor] together now it makes more sense because you are judged quite harshly, but it makes you grow so quickly. So I feel like I just did an interior design class [being on The Block]“, Jenny told 9Entertainment.

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Dylan and Jenny in their winning locker room and laundry room on The Block. (New)

Even though Jenny has taken a styling crash course on the reno series, she is still keen to take an interior design course to continue developing her styling skills.

Having this expertise under Jenny’s tool belt will be a powerful combination when it comes to designing homes in the future, as she also plans to continue as a carpenter.

for her To block home, Jenny chose to create what she describes as a “pretty family home” in a contemporary country style. But being from the Gold Coast, Jenny had to learn what country style is all about.

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Rather than turning to resources like Pinterest, Jenny developed her understanding and interpretation of what country style is by looking at products available in stores around Gisborne and in Melbourne.

“My inspiration was when I went to the stores and saw what we could use with the sponsor [products] and I just think, ‘OK, what colors are we going to use in this part [of the house]what artwork can we have [with it]?’. Then I would choose the artwork and bedding from there,” Jenny said of her process.

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When styling House 4, Jenny fully embraced the fall colors to give the house its country style. While the walls are mostly painted white, Jenny has gone green in some spaces, like the kitchen, and terra cotta in others, like her master bedroom and bathroom.

The Block 2022 - Week 2 - Dylan and Jenny
Dylan and Jenny almost won with this gingham-inspired guest bedroom, but lost to the Bonus Point Gnome. (New)

But when it came to patterns, Jenny became a big fan of gingham, which she chose to feature in the first guest bedroom with the wallpaper and bedding.

Soon, Jenny will be swapping those country colors and patterns as she decorates her own home, which she and Dylan are nearly done building.

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“The style we’re going to adopt in Palm Beach with our new home will be more coastal contemporary, so it’ll be interesting to see the difference,” she said.

While Jenny thinks it might be difficult to move from the countryside to the coast after being immersed in style for 12 weeks in a row The blockthere is no doubt that she has picked up many style tips and tricks that she will be able to create a beautiful look for her own home.

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Children's room Dylan and Jenny The Block 2022

Dylan and Jenny’s children’s room

“It’s like a wonderland!”

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