Tax court approves new discharge agreement


The Lincoln County Tax Court has approved a new agreement for the Tri-K landfill that includes a new voucher program for Lincoln County households.

The tax court approved the new deal with Republic Services, which owns and operates the Tri-K landfill, at the May 10 meeting.

According to documents regarding the landfill hosting agreement and community partnership, Republic Services offered a series of community improvement proposals.

“We are committed to working with the Lincoln County Tax Court and county residents toward the common goals of all to prevent litter, eliminate illegal dumping, and assist those in need with nuisance violations, while supporting a successful solid waste management program for Lincoln County,” the states agree.

In the new agreement, Republic Services will continue to pay $1 per ton for waste entering the landfill, but will offset all animal disposal costs to Lincoln County, or about $70,000 per year.

“Republic Services recognizes the challenges associated with the management of dead animal carcasses and offers to offset all animal disposal costs to Tri-K Landfill for Lincoln County,” the agreement reads. “Additionally, we are committed to exploring an alternative to animal composting with Lincoln County.”

The agreement also eliminates the $400 per month waste disposal fee for the Lincoln County Tax Court and instead provides free disposal for up to 300 tons of solid waste per year.

A new voucher program is also offered with the new agreement.

Republic Services will implement a landfill voucher program in cooperation with the Tax Court, giving all households up to four vouchers per year for free solid waste disposal.

“In addition, Republic Services is offering to provide an additional 100 vouchers annually to the Lincoln County Nuisance Board to dispense to property owners in violation of the Nuisance Ordinance to assist in property cleanup,” the statement reads. deal.

Lincoln County Executive Judge Jim Adams said if all the vouchers were used and the tonnage associated with the $1 per ton fee increased as planned, the county would save $141,325 a year.

Adams said the county will realize immediate savings from the animal carcass disposal agreement.

“By accepting this hosting agreement and community enhancements, Republic Services is able to immediately increase daily tonnage in the Tri-K landfill by 50%, resulting in an economic benefit from day one” , indicates agreement.


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