Take a look inside the stunning interior of the Genesis X Speedium Coupe EV


Genesis is Hyundai’s luxury brand, and they live up to the idea of ​​”luxury” with the absolutely stunning interior of their X Speedium Coupe (EV) electric vehicle. The car showed off its interior styling, based on a compelling Korean concept called “white space beauty”, during Monterey Car Week 2022.

The concept is often found in Korean architecture and involves simplistic design elements and minimalism. In the Genesis, the idea shines by allowing the more upscale elements to be focal points. These luxury touches are also plentiful. The interior is full of premium materials and design work that makes the Genesis comfortable, yet futuristic.

The Genesis X Speedium Coupe is a huge step forward for Hyundai and Genesis in their electrification plans. They’ve already taken a big chunk of the market with some of Hyundai’s most popular EVs (like the Ioniq) and now they clearly have their sites ready to take their next piece of the luxury EV market by creating a unique impression. .

Let’s take a closer look inside the stunning “white space” of the Genesis X Speedium Coupe EV.

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Interior design and materials in the Genesis X Speedium Coupe EV

Genesis unveiled the interior of the Genesis Speedium Coupe EV at the Concours d’Elegance during this year’s Monterey Car Week at Pebble Beach. The automaker first showed off the car as a concept exterior in April at Genesis House in New York, and the interior reveal has been hotly anticipated ever since.

The interior layout is very driver-focused and includes a curved screen that wraps around the driver. The center console and dashboard both wrap around the car’s main cockpit and work together to create a more immersive driving experience. The display based on organic light-emitting diode technology is visually stunning.

With a nod to its inspiration from other high-performance cars, the display includes a central engine power gauge in place of the rev gauge found in an internal combustion engine car. Another screen is aligned vertically to the right of the driver and includes a touchscreen, optimized design, start button, vehicle controls and media functions.

Although strategically hidden, the audio equipment of the Genesis is also well done. All-new architecture features tweeters, mid-range drivers, woofers and subwoofers that work in tandem to deliver an immersive and elite sound experience that’s further enhanced by the quality of the system, which includes aluminum tweeters precision machined to improve acoustics.

The interior is largely leather-based and includes a quilted pattern on the seats and door trim, adding a touch of class to the overall design. Even the steering wheel is woven leather, specifically leftover leather cut from salvaged and repurposed car seats. Genesis shows its dedication to eco-friendliness without sacrificing quality by using breathable full-grain leather on the seat uppers that uses less water and fewer chemicals to manufacture than traditional leather and recycled plastic threading also.

The brushed metallic accent pieces used in the cabin add a touch of contrast, as does the two-tone coloring used in the color scheme. Through the use of color, Genesis clearly distinguishes the driver’s area from the passenger area. Inspired by the coastal areas of Northern California, according to Genesis, the interior colors Monterey Gold (reminiscent of the yellow flowers and sand of the region) and Pine Grove Green.

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Speedium Coupé EV exterior design cues

The Genesis Speedium coupe emerged from a design exercise based on the Genesis X concept created earlier and, according to the manufacturer, strives to personify the company’s design philosophy, “Athletic Elegance”. The concept outlines what the next generation of electric vehicles from the company will likely look like, as well as the process of designing them.

Up front, the Genesis Speedium takes the existing linear headlight design and expands it by stretching them to their full length and creating a crest shape reminiscent of the Genesis Crest grille. According to Genesis, this is a symbol that represents their all-electric transformation, which they hope to accomplish with six models by 2030.

The side view of the car includes a parabolic line that runs from the front to the rear of the car, and the rear design includes an elliptical tail to balance the “anti-corner” look of the car. Genesis says the intention was to create visual tension between the car’s convex and concave surfaces. The ‘V’ shaped brake lights also continue the contrasting design elements.

Overall, the design says a lot about the potential future of the business. The beauty of the Genesis X Speedium Coupe EV has raised the stakes and excitement for future models. The play of colors together with the large areas of empty space and the smooth surface contribute to the stunning design of the interior and pay homage to the concept of the beauty of white space.


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