Stylish interior design: makeover the riverside


When bosses at Middlesbrough Football Club decided they needed a new look for their tired hospitality suite, they turned to Styled, the Saltburn-based interior design firm that’s making waves all over the region. Here, SInterior Design Manager Bethany Walker talks to North East Times magazine about the process, revealing how the company created a very modern space in a traditional football house.

When Bethany and the Styled team first entered the hospitality suite at Riverside Stadium, one of the first things they noticed was how dark, dated, and heavily branded it was.

Not such a problem on matchdays, perhaps, but at odds with the club’s desire to reach a wider audience.

Bethany [pictured, on opposite page] says: “The ultimate aim of the project was to create an attractive and versatile space for all to enjoy, and to encourage private events, such as wedding receptions and baby showers, as well as the usual hospitality on Christmas days. match.

“That’s where we came in, to offer our sense of design and our expertise to bring the project to life.”

As well as Middlesbrough Football Club (MFC) branding, the original venue was, says Bethany, “quite dark, had not been updated for a number of years and had little regard for design”.

A major project, therefore, made even more pressing by a tight deadline of less than eight weeks between the first meeting with the customer and the finished product.

A vision for all

MFC’s goal was ultimately to increase revenue by being able to use the suite for more than just game day hospitality, making flexibility a key consideration.

The suite’s existing layout was very cluttered, so the team got to work creating a space that was spacious enough for guests, with luxury touches to appeal to the Insta generation.

The furniture was all custom made by local suppliers and contractors, to maximize the space available and allow greater creative freedom.

The previous layout has been replaced with a variety of small and larger tables to make the most of every corner of the room, as well as booth seating at the window area, creating a more usable and flexible space.

Meanwhile, the bar was torn apart and started again; a new bar has been commissioned, featuring bespoke brass shelving for drinks and glassware with a bronze mirrored wall, marble worktops and clad facade, with pendant lighting above the bar ceiling to finish the look – again, appealing to the aesthetic sensibilities of a younger generation.

A matter of color

The Styled team started from scratch, literally.

“Our starting point was to replace the floor; getting rid of the dark carpeting and replacing it with much more durable herringbone-effect luxury vinyl tiles throughout the master suite and accompanying boxes,” says Bethany.

She adds: “As our aim was to create a space adaptable to a range of different events, we opted for a lighter color palette of soft blues, greenery and terracotta accents, which would find their way into furniture, walls murals and custom cabinetry.

“However, as the space is still heavily and predominantly used on matchdays, we wanted to keep a nod to the club’s branding in a more subtle way,” says Bethany, revealing it has was achieved by adding soft red accents on the chair backs, doors and custom cabinetry for the service area.

A sharp turn

“This project had an incredibly tight deadline, so the pressure was on to finish it on time,” Bethany explains.

“To achieve this, our team worked with local companies and sub-contractors for the works, from decoration to bespoke joinery, including the new bar area and furniture.

“As part of the SDDE Smith Group, much of Styled’s business helps create better places to work, live and stay, so choosing local businesses for this project was a fantastic way to reflect that – and they made us all proud.”

A new era

The result was the Styled Suite, a modern and versatile space with a warm and vibrant atmosphere, suitable for everything from baby showers and wedding receptions to its original use – match day hospitality.

“It’s a great feeling to not only see our designs featured in the club, but also to see the suite renamed in our honor,” says Bethany.

“Showcasing our work in such a popular venue in the region will be a huge boost for us.

“There are so many companies that partner with the club and attend events there, so it’s big brand awareness for Styled.”

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