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Smoke filled the air throughout the Okanagan Valley, and it’s not just from the new Blue Mountain wildfire west of Penticton.

A smoky sky bulletin has been issued for most of the interior as well as northeastern British Columbia

According to the provincial government’s air quality warning, the smoke is largely due to long-range transport from wildfires burning in Washington state and Oregon.

Some smoke may clear in some areas Saturday afternoon as an upper level low moves into the southern interior. However, current conditions are expected to persist in most areas overnight.

“During a wildfire, smoke conditions can change rapidly over short distances and can vary significantly from hour to hour,” the bulletin said.

The province is urging people to be aware that exposure to smoke can affect your health. People with pre-existing illnesses, respiratory infections including COVID-19, the elderly, pregnant women and infants, children and susceptible people are more likely to experience health effects from exposure to smoke.

When the air is smoky, people are advised to:

• Stop or reduce your level of activity if breathing becomes uncomfortable or you feel unwell.

• Stay cool and drink plenty of fluids.

• If you have asthma or another chronic condition, always carry any rescue (fast-acting) medication with you and activate your personal care plan that has been developed with your family doctor.

• Make sure children and others who cannot care for themselves follow the same advice.

Brendan Shykora

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