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Ashley Grubb, interior designer and agent at LAH Real Estate. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Looking to spruce up your home now that spring is here? U.S. too ! That’s why we turned to Ashley Grubb, a local interior designer and agent at LAH Real Estate. She gave us some easy and simple tips that will breathe new life into your living space this season – keep reading to find out more!

Meet Ashley Grubb, Interior Designer

LAH Real Estate
Ashley Grubb, interior designer and agent at LAH Real Estate. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

From an early age, Ashley Grubb always knew her heart was in design.

“My mom used to joke that my Barbies lived better than us. And that’s because I would take my Barbie houses to the next level. I used to have my dad cut little pieces of carpet to fit inside my the house and I even used marble contact paper around a piece of wood so my Barbie had a fancy marble coffee table I could always imagine how a space could look better, and that’s so what I started doing!”

Ashley Grubb

As a teenager, Ashley was constantly decorating and redecorating her bedroom and the bedrooms of her friends. Naturally, she decided to study interior design in college and ended up working in commercial design with a major Fortune 500 company. However, after marrying her husband Charlie and having three children , Macy, Camden and Everly, Ashley decided to take a step back from her career to focus on raising her family.

Now that her children have grown up, Ashley has returned to professional work, this time as a real estate agent with LAH Real Estate. As an interior designer and real estate agent, Ashley Grubb can not only help her clients find their dream home, but also help them design it exactly the way they want it.

Here are some tips from Ashley on how to spruce up your home this spring!

Easy tips from Ashley Grubb

“The first thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to go out and spend $10,000 on a new living room set to transform your home. Most of the changes I make, both to my own and clients’ homes, are simple and cheap! »

Ashley Grubb

When it comes to cheap and simple, one thing that never goes out of style is greenery. Ashley loves using succulents because they look good and are relatively easy to keep alive. But real live plants aren’t the only way to use greenery in your home.

“I love using floral designs to decorate, especially in the spring. A beautiful piece of floral art is a great way to bring spring life into your home. You can even use stems, flowers, or even branches in vases to bring some of that color.

Ashley Grubb

Speaking of color, Ashley highly recommends bright colors for your living space.

“I always encourage people to ditch the dark window treatments and go for something light and bright. Personally I like simple white panels but if you want some color you can definitely use pastels. same can be said for cushions and area rugs I love the look of layered rugs – you use like a larger size neutral rug underneath then layer another rug with a print on it – it looks really good and brings out the colors!

Ashley Grubb

So what’s trending this year?

“I hear this question all the time! Personally, I think gray is on its way out, design-wise. In my own home and in the homes I stage, I lean towards more neutral colors, off-whites, linens and soft greens, for example. I even have a paint color that I frequently recommend to clients: Sherwin Williams Aesthetic White. I don’t think this color will look outdated anytime soon.

Ashley Grubb

Want to know more about Ashley Grubb?

LAH Real Estate
Ashley Grubb, interior designer and agent at LAH Real Estate. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Do you have a question about interior decoration? Contact Ashley Grubb for more tips and professional advice.

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