Poll: Nine out of ten construction projects in interior delayed by supply chain issues – BC News


Construction of supply restrictions

Construction projects across the province are being affected by higher prices, delays in the supply of materials and labor shortages.

This is according to a survey of member companies of the Association of Independent Entrepreneurs and Businesses.

The hardest hit region is the interior and the Okanagan, where 88% of businesses take longer to source construction materials.

Almost 90 percent of projects face delays while 57 percent are affected by price increases.

Delays and higher prices are directly attributed to supply chain disruptions.

ICBA President Chris Gardner says supply chain issues impact most sectors of the economy in British Columbia and around the world.

“Contractors in virtually every trade and in every corner of the province are experiencing delays and challenges getting the supplies they need to complete projects and meet deadlines,” Gardner said.

“Manufacturers around the world are grappling with labor shortages and logistics failures – in the short term, no relief is in sight. The result in British Columbia is increased construction costs and project delays.

He says shortages are seen in everything from accessories and finishes to plastics and paints.

“Some manufacturers have stopped taking orders because they have no visibility on delivery dates.

“Contractors are experiencing delays and challenges on a scale not seen in decades as they try to get the supplies they need to complete the work they have on the books.

“At a time when housing and construction costs continue to rise in seemingly uncontrolled fashion, supply chain constraints are another key factor putting pressure on the affordability of the British Columbia market. . “

The City of West Kelowna has two major projects in various stages of construction, the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant and a new City Hall and Regional Library.

Council is expected to receive an update on the two’s progress on the schedule and budgets later this month.


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