Pearl Collective and Interior Talent Give Design Professionals a Roadmap for Hiring and Competing for Top Talent


Furniture World News Bureau on 04/11/2022

Gail Doby, co-founder of Pearl Collective and Ken Roberts, director of Interior Talent.

As part of its ongoing mission to help interior design professionals achieve greater success, Pearl Collective, formerly known as Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting, in conjunction with Interior Talent, an architectural recruitment firm and of designers, provides design professionals and businesses with an up-to-the-minute understanding of how to find, attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive environment.

The Hiring & Competing for Top Talent challenge is offered as three one-hour live presentations with Gail Doby, co-founder of Pearl Collective, and Ken Roberts, director of Interior Talent. Each hour-long session covers a separate topic: Day 1 — Compete for and win top talent; Day 2—How to find and attract top talent; and Day 3—How to Retain Top Talent in a Competitive Environment. Each session takes place from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

“Acquiring and retaining talent is at the forefront of virtually every designer’s mind,” notes Doby, “Finding the best talent for your business is crucial to the success of your business and the well-being of your crew. Understanding how to find candidates who fit your company, culture, and team dynamics is part of the equation; retaining all your best talent in the current climate is another. Learning strategies for both are what will give designers a leg up on the competition. »

Pearl Collective recently revealed the first results of its months-long survey titled, 2022 Survey of fees, salaries and competition for talent among interior designers. On the topics of hiring and compensation, they found that 62% of respondents said there was a lack of candidates available for open positions. Ranked just as high, 62% of business owners also said candidates who applied for positions within their company were unqualified, while 48% said candidates were not a good fit for the positions. vacancies and/or company culture. In addition, 42% indicated that candidates are looking for higher salaries than what is offered.

Roberts understands the challenges that design companies face. His company has been helping creative businesses recruit and retain exceptional employees for 20 years. “It’s as difficult a hiring environment as I’ve seen,” he says. “Understanding what matters to you and motivating potential candidates is essential. Knowing how to differentiate yourself, so that candidates want to join your team, is the next level. And having an idea of ​​the amount and type of compensation you can offer is essential. »

To aid in these processes, participants will learn how to implement the best interview tactics; receive integration tools for new recruits; and pull out employee retention best practices that will help both current and new team members.

Registration is open until November 15e. The cost for the three-day program is $198, which includes the full exam results that just ended 2022 Survey on Fees, Salaries and Competition for Talentavailable immediately after the Challenge closes.

A portion of the proceeds from the Hiring & Competing for Top Talent challenge are donated to the Design Leadership Foundation whose mission is to ensure a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in the fields of architecture and design. DLF believes that at a young age, everyone should be able to imagine themselves in the professional fields of architecture and design, regardless of race, gender, creed or background. The DLF seeks to create new opportunities and exposure for historically marginalized and vulnerable groups to better unify the world of design.

In addition to Interior Talent, Hiring & Competing for Top Talent sponsors include Client Expander, Accounting Frontier, Stemper & Associates, Business of Home, Furniture Lighting & Décor, High Point Market Authority and The Home Trust. Featured Partners are Christina Juarez & Company, High Point x Design, Lexington Home Brands, Return on Interiors and TMM The Media Matters.

About Pearl Collective

Pearl Collective, formerly known as Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting, offers one-on-one VIP coaching and consulting services for professional designers and companies, mastermind groups for CEOs and management teams, courses and programs in online, business tools and materials and live events across the US and internationally. Companies, from start-ups to those with seven-figure revenues, have achieved transformational growth in sales, profitability, and job and personal satisfaction. Using highly developed and strategic financial, marketing, organizational, and people assessments, Pearl Collective paves the way for clients to radically improve their businesses, achieve financial success, achieve business and personal goals, and work more efficiently. Doby’s background in interior design and corporate finance forms the basis for many of the top companies and design practitioners now entering the business arena. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

About inner talent

At Interior Talent, we understand the ever-changing needs of the modern employment industry. We bring deep industry expertise and relationships that have been gained over our 20 years of service to the architectural and design industries. Our goal is to help our clients hire and retain the right people while ensuring they develop key retention techniques for their entire team. We understand that hiring talent and making a career change is a big decision. Our team accompanies you throughout the process, offering discretion, solutions, advice and support to employers and employees. We deeply appreciate the industries we work in and the impact they have on people’s lives. This appreciation translates into a unique approach to long-term partnerships where we focus on the happiness and success of everyone involved. Our services cover the architectural, design, engineering, retail and manufacturing industries.


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