One Couple’s Secret to a ‘Happy Marriage’ Is an Unusual Home Decor Choice: ‘Goals’


This interior decoration To hack this is how this husband and wife keep a “happy wedding.”

TikToker @the_female13 and her husband are lucky to have a residence with plenty of space. The couple used a large open space in a rather unconventional way. Although this is an uncommon practice, that does not mean that it is not practical.

This Brooklyn home office is getting a California-inspired makeover with just $1,000:

“I don’t feel like watching sports…so I’ll go to my living room,” she said. said.

Her husband sat on the sofa in front of a giant television. Then, directly in front of him and in front of a dining table, there was another sofa with a giant television in front of her. The couple each had nearly identical living room setups in the same space.

People wondered if the volume would be a problem, but she explained that her husband was deaf.

“I usually mute his TV. He just needs the subtitles!” she wrote in the comments. She also revealed that they have separate bathrooms “because we shower at the same time since we’ve been working together!”

The video racked up 2.2 million views, and many people loved the idea.

“Nothing wrong with different areas for different interests”, someone commented.

“Goals”, another wrote.

“I have mine video game configuration and it helps a lot”, a user said.

“My grandparents have this at home. This is handy when everyone is there for Turkey Day. Football in one, the parade in the other”, TikToker added.

“It’s the smartest way to furnish a home I’ve ever seen. Hats off to you both for creating a happy wedding,” a person replied.

See this bedroom transform into a vibrant oasis after an incredible day-long makeover:

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