Modern villa interior with warm essence


Viewed by Kamran Karimov and Yasmen Karimova, this spacious modern villa is located in Doha, the capital of Qatar. A double-height living space creates a luxurious first impression, which transitions into an open dining area with a bohemian vibe and an elegant staircase design with a courtyard at its base. The entire room is presented in white, beige, and wood tones, offering a sleek aesthetic with an underlying warmth.

In the open-plan living room, a round rug forms the basis for a centrally located modular sofa arrangement. A round coffee table nestles on the textured rug. A trio of globe pendant lights drop from the double-height living room ceiling. Two stories of tall windows spill glorious sunlight over the ethereal white and beige decor. A subtle TV stand is atmospherically lit around its edges by recessed LED strips.

Clear glass balustrades give the staircase a light look. The glass panels brilliantly reflect the sunlight from the windows opposite. The small garden below the stairs drops hints of greenery into the neutral decor palette. And the barrel cacti form a mini architectural landscape.

A macrame wall hanging introduces a bohemian essence to the formal open plan dining room. The open layout draws in an L-shape, which helps zone the seating area from the dining area. Two large dining pendant lights make an eye-catching statement above a modern table.

In the modern home office, a single desk highlights the decor scheme with a shiny gold support leg. The modern home office is placed in the center of the room. This layout gives way to a wall of built-in bookcases and a TV wall opposite.

A gray bedroom is accented with pale yellow accents. A yellow shelf sets a bright accent above the bed. Black and white artwork and small sculptures add to the focal point. A narrow bookshelf threads a yellow accent on the adjacent wall. A floor reading lamp and a small upholstered chair shape a reading nook in the bedroom. Fun sports illustrations add a youthful touch. Bedroom pendant lights hang down on a wooden bedside table. Transparent white veils provide a slightly translucent background. At the foot of the bed, a children’s workspace communicates with a storage wall.

The master bedroom is decorated with a wood-clad headboard wall, which gives the space a rich and sophisticated aesthetic. Rattan bedroom pendant lights sit on either side of the bed, hanging down to a pair of unique bedside tables. The upholstered bed offers a slightly rounded look, which is complemented by the cylindrical pendant lights and a chair with a round back.

A frosted glass panel obscures the toilet from view from the bed. A dressing table is tucked into the wall of the cabinets to serve as both a makeup table and a desk. Behind the dark glass panel, large format limestone tiles covered the concealing wall of the toilet cistern. Recessed shelves feature a textured wood backing. Neat storage nooks are built into the wall at the foot of the tub, providing convenient landing spots for daily toiletries.


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