MK27 studio combines different textures in São Paulo apartment interior


Fur upholstery, lace curtains and tactile rugs are all featured in Flat #6, a Sao Paulo Apartment conceived by Studio MK27.

The local architecture and design studio has reworked the four-bedroom apartment to provide a comfortable yet practical home for a couple and their three teenage sons.

Apartment No. 6 is home to a couple with three teenage sons

Its interior design is inspired by a love of Brazilian design, both vintage and contemporary, shared by the owners and Studio MK27 founder and architect Marcio Kogan.

creations such as Lina Bo Bardi, Jorge Zalszupin and Giuseppe Scapinelli alongside ipe wood wall panels and basalt stone floors.

Porch in Apartment #6 by Studio MK27
The living areas occupy an L-shaped space that wraps around the apartment on two sides

“Decoration adds a layer of tactility to every corner of the apartment,” Studio MK27 said.

“A mix of contemporary and vintage pieces already owned by the couple blend harmoniously with the understated finishes and add a splash of color.”

Piano in Flat #6 by Studio MK27
A piano provides a focal point

Apartment #6 is shortlisted in the apartment interior category to Dezeen Awards 2022.

Studio MK27 was commissioned for the project after having already designed another apartment in the same building, Apartment #12.

Both houses have the same layout, with all the main family living areas occupying a single L-shaped space that wraps around the apartment on two sides.

Reading chair in Flat#6 by Studio MK27
Furnishings include a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces

These living areas create a buffer zone between the bedrooms and private bathrooms, and a glazed veranda-like space in the front.

However, the design of the two houses is very different. While Flat #12 has a more streamlined feel, Flat #6 features a wider variety of colors and textures.

Curtain in Flat#6 by Studio MK27
Lace curtains create a textured backdrop for the living space

A key starting point was the lace curtain that covers all the windows in the open-plan family room. Designed by one of the clients, it creates a natural interplay of light and shadow.

The curtain provides a striking backdrop to the characterful furnishings, which also include designs by Piero Lissoni and Paola Navone alongside some of Studio MK27’s own parts.

“The perforated artisanal fabric acts as a soft mashrabiyafiltering sunlight and creating shadow patterns throughout the apartment,” the design team explained, comparing the curtain to lattice screens found in traditional Islamic architecture.

“Natural light warms every room and every corner, letting the woods, velvets and stones speak louder.”

Library Wall in Flat #6 by Studio MK27
A library wall provides display space for books and other items

A bookcase wall provides space for displaying books and artifacts, with a freestanding staircase providing access to upper shelves.

Other details include a dedicated backgammon table, study desk and lounge chair placed next to a lamp and magazine rack to create a space for quiet reading.

Slatted wall in Flat#6 by Studio MK27
A wooden slat wall separates the main living space from the rest of the house

The doors to adjoining bedrooms, the TV room and the main bathroom are built into a wooden slat wall, allowing them to be almost invisible when the family receives guests.

The same material palette features in the bedrooms and bathrooms, where highlights include a custom bed frame in the master bedroom and a bathroom with a dark stone sink.

“Designed with extreme attention to detail, the combination of textures and crisp shapes create wide and moving spaces that embrace joyful living,” the design team added.

Bedroom in Apartment No. 6 by Studio MK27
The master bedroom has a custom designed bed frame

Studio MK27 is also preselected in the interior category leisure and well-being at this year’s Dezeen Awards with his Patina Maldives resort spa.

Other recent projects from the practice include Caza Azula rainforest house raised on stilts.

The photograph is from Fran Parente.

Project credits

Architecture and interiors: Studio MK27
Group project: Marcio Kogan, Diana Radomysler, Luciana Antunes, Mariana Ruzante, Carlos Costa, Laura Guedes, Mariana Simas, Renato Perigo


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