Man who killed Greater Victoria teenager in 2010 has been denied parole


Disclaimer: This story includes references to sexual violence and murder.

One of the two men responsible for the brutal sexual assault, torture and murder of Langford teenager Kimberly Proctor has again been denied day parole.

Kruse Wellwood, 28, remains at high risk of being violent in a relationship and sexually reoffending without a viable release plan, community strategy and day parole supports in place, according to a parole board ruling of Canada dated August 4th. .

The decision notes that the dynamics of the murder and the mutilation of the victim’s body continue to cause serious concern.

Wellwood and Cameron Moffat admitted planning the rape and murder of their classmate on March 18, 2010, and burning his body under a bridge on the Galloping Goose Trail the following day.

In April 2011, then 17-year-old Wellwood and then 18-year-old Moffat were sentenced to life with a concurrent five-year sentence for indignity over human remains in April 2011.

A 2011 psychiatric evaluation indicated that Wellwood suffered from deviant sexual disorder in the form of sadism and there were signs of necrophilia. The psychiatrist concluded that he was at a very high risk of committing a similar offence.

In July 2019, the psychologist rated his risk for general and violent recidivism as high, noting that sexual deviance rarely changes without thorough and targeted treatment.

In an April psychological risk assessment, the psychologist concluded that Wellwood remains at high risk for general, violent and sexual recidivism.

The doctor noted that Wellwood sat slumped, failed to make eye contact, and called the murder an “event”. He did not use the name Kimberly Proctor throughout the interview. The risk assessment does not support a release or transfer to a minimum security institution.

The board noted that Wellwood had completed a sex offender residential detention program and had shown moderate to good commitment and ability to use those skills to manage risk factors.

However, the report states that he discussed sexual fantasies in detail and states that Wellwood imagines that he controls the acts and that the partner is a mythical creature whose role is to provide sexual pleasure. Wellwood also commissioned anime magazines, one of which was reported to contain images of women in bondage.

Wellwood was first denied parole in May 2020, less than a year after being denied day parole.

Proctor’s family members continued their steadfast contribution to the board, submitting a compelling bid for the most recent nomination.

“It is clear from the statements that the family of the murdered victim was forever changed by the violent and cruel way in which they lost a loved one. They were badly traumatized. They say they have seen no remorse, are angry and don’t believe you deserve parole,” the decision read.

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