Mahindra XUV700 with modified interior and ceramic coating


Car detailing studios work with clients who want to make their vehicles unique. This interior modification and the ceramic coating of the XUV700 indicate exactly that.

A Mahindra XUV700 decides to modify the interior of the SUV as well as the ceramic protective coating. The XUV700 is one of the most popular 7-passenger midsize SUVs in the country. The long standby times on the XUV700 testify to its popularity and popularity. Many car owners turn to aftermarket car detailing studios to have additional equipment installed in their cars based on their demands. This XUV700 owner came from Srinagar to visit this car dealership in Delhi. This reflects people’s enthusiasm for their vehicles.

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Interior coating and modified XUV700 ceramic

There are quite a few distinct modifications made to this XUV700 as per the owner’s request. On the outside, the car looks shiny and shiny thanks to the application of a ceramic coating. It acts as a paint protection layer of a hydrophobic nature. After applying this coating, the car cleaning process is relatively easier. Apart from this, the car designers have installed side steps on the SUV to improve passenger entry and exit. Then there is a rear bumper guard fitted which is a genuine Mahindra component.


The cabin of the Mahindra XUV700 has been completely modified to give it a premium appearance. For starters, you’ll notice the beige and black theme throughout the cabin. The dashboard carries a thick wooden insert as well as a tan leather material on the underside which gives it a textured look. The center console, gearbox hose area and door panels are designed using a combination of black and beige materials. The power window area on the doors is accentuated by the use of a wooden panel. The steering wheel is wrapped in black and tan leather with gold stitching. Seat upholstery uses the diamond pattern to give a premium look to the cabin, along with beige upholstery on the side pillars.

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Finally, the client wanted to install the black film on all the windows for security reasons. With all windows tinted black, the final look reminds us of those digital renders by talented car designers. Let us know what you think of this modified Mahindra XUV700.

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