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Sheridan is proud to celebrate the success of six students in the Honors Bachelor of Interior Design (HBID) program from the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) from the recent Remo Challenge.

HBID program students were tasked with creating an engaging virtual event for the ARIDO Remo Event Floor Plan Contest. The design teams helped design a virtual event space that members engaged in and used when attending ARIDO’s virtual event and networking with their peers.

The criteria included a focus on ARIDO’s work to advance equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility (EDAA) within the design profession and industry.

The team’s winning entry celebrated the ‘past of design’, taking users on a historical journey, bringing to life the symbolism and themes of past designs that influence interior design today. Their design concept was inspired by the ornamentation and individuality of these interior spaces.

Fourth-year students Dayana Naumov of Oakville, Hanna Szoboszlai, April Metzner, Claire Martin, Carina Redigonda, and Nicole Whiteside contributed to the winning submission for this first-of-its-kind design challenge, as part of the Educate portion of Day 1.

“The ARIDO Design Challenge is a great opportunity for students in our program to showcase their skills and talents to over 3,300 registrants, interns, educators and students from across Ontario,” said Brad Culver, Program Coordinator. for the honors degree in interiors. Design.

“The exposure gained from an event like this helps our students gain confidence and hands-on, real-world experience as they work toward program success and the ability to graduate and to be ready for their careers. We are very proud to celebrate the fantastic success of these six talented students.

Adding to the team’s success, fourth-year student Samantha McNair placed second in ARIDO’s most prestigious individual student competition, the Norma Ruth Ridley Scholarship Competition, for her design of the center of welfare. McNair represented Sheridan as the top student this year, vying with the top graduating student from each of Ontario’s ten college and university interior design programs.

Students in this scholarship challenge have been tasked with researching, designing, and developing a building space at a university to help promote student well-being in a post-pandemic era. McNair was able to apply the knowledge gained from her undergraduate research thesis on mental health and wellbeing to create a meaningful submission that would inspire a sense of hope and inclusiveness. His interest in sustainability connects students to nature and each other. The prize was awarded at the ARIDO Awards on March 31, 2022.

Winning designs were showcased throughout the three-day ARIDO Summit and AGM, held on Remo’s virtual conference platform.


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