Kandrac & Kole Interior Design of Atlanta gives back in a big way


“Dwell with Dignity, based in Dallas, Texas, had a chapter in Atlanta for many years,” Kelly Kole said. “We answered the call for volunteer designers to help design a home for a formerly homeless mother with two young daughters who was trying to build a life for herself. We had the honor of designing the little girls room with bunk beds, crib, original artwork, dress-up center, arts and crafts table, twinkling lights and bedding playful. When the mother saw the play, she fell to her knees and started crying. It was a nice experience. As women entrepreneurs who have been blessed with success, it is important to us to empower other women and help them when they are in need. »

Credit: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Credit: Photographer: Christina Wedge

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Kole also worked with United Methodist Children’s Home to transform a dilapidated building on the group’s campus. She is clearly ready to answer the call should the need arise.

“Our work with United Methodist Children’s Home was born when we answered another call from our good friends and fellow interior designers Erika Ward and Dayka Robinson with Room Service Atlanta,” Kole said. “They were on a mission to bring together designers to volunteer their talents, time, resources, and lots of sweat and courage to completely remodel a dilapidated building on the campus of United Methodist Children’s home. We were tasked with designing the teenage space for adult boys between the foster family and the real world. Thanks to incredible donations from FLOR, Steven Penley, Leather Creations and others, we have designed a space where the boys can relax and play board games, do crafts and listen to music. It was an honor to create a space that these boys could never have imagined.

For those interested in helping Kandrac & Kole Interior Design the next time the company’s charity members decide to answer the call, a team is being organized for June 2023, volunteers can contact [email protected] .com or go directly to Catalytic Resources. net to make a donation.

“We are very lucky to have a successful small business,” Kole said. “In the fast-paced world of luxury we live in, giving back is what drives us and keeps us humble!”


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