Jordan Davis would provide Texans with an inside passing rush


One of the main functions of the Tampa 2 program deployed by Houston Texans coach Lovie Smith is the emphasis on defensive linemen who move up the field to quarterback.

Smith coached a defense with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1996-2000 that included future Hall of Fame defensive tackle in Warren Sapp, who generated as many as 16.5 sacks in a single season playing as a defensive tackle in Tampa 2.

As much as Smith’s scheme emphasizes linebackers, there’s a place for a disruptive three-technique defensive tackle.

According to Mark Schofield of the Touchdown WireGeorgia’s Jordan Davis would be the type of inside defensive lineman who could provide a pass rush from inside.

In preparation for the Combine and the NFL Draft, Davis worked with pass rush specialist Chuck Smith, and the idea is clear. Prove to the NFL that he can be a three-way player:

The tools are there, as we have seen in these clips. The potential is there, and now with the athleticism on display in Indianapolis, teams probably feel a little more comfortable accepting Davis’ idea early in the draft.

Where, if you ask me, he should have been all along. His ability and versatility up front, his destructive nature against the run, and the potential for him to be a true disruptive force as an inside pass thrower, make him perhaps the prototypical inside defensive tackle in the NFL. modern.

The Texans pick No. 3 overall in the first round, which is way too high for Davis. However, the Texans also have a pick at No. 13 overall, which is decent value for the former Bulldog.

Houston re-signed Maliek Collins and saw last year’s sixth-round defensive tackle Roy Lopez make gains throughout the 2021 campaign. Adding Davis would give the Texans a younger defensive tackle and talented to manage the interior.


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