Interior of Ola electric car unveiled for the first time


It gets a minimalist and sporty dashboard, backing up previous claims that it is the sportiest Indian car to date.

Booming Ola Electric is looking to become the first Indian brand outside of established automakers to introduce an electric passenger vehicle. He has already teased digital renders of the exterior of his first electric car and has now given us the first look at interior details.

Interior of the Ola electric car: what we can see

The first that catches our eye is the sporty-looking hexagonal steering wheel with jet-style backlit controls mounted on both sides. It sits in front of a digital driver display that appears to have a minimalist layout for information.

Ola electric car interior teaser

We can also spot the central screen in the form of a tablet of the infotainment system, positioned at the same height as the steering wheel. The chart confirms that it will run on Ola’s native OS. The cabin also has ambient lighting with a lighting strip on the dashboard just below eye level, as well as lighting under the main instrument panel on the driver’s side.

Exterior of the Ola electric car: a closer look

The brand also gave us the best look at the front profile of its upcoming EV in this latest Diwali teaser. Its design seems to have undergone some revisions and this rendering seems closer to a production design. The main light signature remains the same, an LED strip running the full width of the front, along the line of the bonnet, while the LED DRL units have been simplified and reduced to just two strips on each side.

Ola electric car teaser

The Ola EV appears to have a big Tesla-like front bumper, sculpted for aerodynamic efficiency, with large vents at each corner to channel air to the front brakes. The company has promised that its first creation will be sporty and the teaser suggests that it relies on fairly wide tires for better grip.

Ola electric car: previously shared details

When Ola gave us our first look at its next electric car, it announced its aims to deliver over 500km of range while being India’s sportiest car yet with a 0-100km/h time. of 4 seconds. Battery and powertrain details remain unknown at this time.

The overall shape seems like a crossover that has minimal drag but also offers enough ground clearance for Indian driving conditions. Ola founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal had also said there would be no door handles interrupting its smooth surfaces. We also had a glimpse of a glass roof that fits into the rear window, but the design details of which may not go into production without revisions. The rear turned out similar to the front with large smooth surfaces for the rear bumper and fenders, accentuated by the full-width LED strip taillight.

Ola rear electric car

The first Ola EV is expected to arrive in 2024 as a premium offering that can also be exported internationally. As a fully localized offering, this sporty and long-range electric vehicle could have a starting price of around Rs 40 lakh (ex-showroom).


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