Interior designers reveal how to incorporate the Hygge trend into your home


While cooler temperatures may require you to keep your windows closed and spend less time outdoors, that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore nature. “Hygge is also about bringing nature home,” say Clémence Fraisse and Véronique Savard. And, while you might not get as much natural light as you do in the summer, that doesn’t mean you should just draw your curtains and be done – views of a snowy landscape, even if it’s not acts as a street lined with cars, can be wonderfully comfortable when you’re all bundled up inside.

You can incorporate nature “with natural objects that you can dig up in the forest (leaves, nuts, twigs),” Fraisse and Savard suggest. “It’s simple and natural, just like the hygge concept.” If you are able to find these parts in the actual woods, even better. However, if you don’t live in an area where these types of things are plentiful, there are plenty of dried versions available at craft and home decor stores.

Not only do natural objects like those from Fraisse and Savard recommend beautiful decorative pieces in their own right, but the presence of such objects can also help create a certain mood in your space. “Wherever you are, sitting by a river in Sweden, among vineyards in France, or simply in your garden, the presence of nature makes you let your guard down and adds a certain simplicity,” they continue. .


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