Interior designer without decorum

Assaulting a client, threatening her daughters because she went to police after taking Rs 8 lakh as advance, but did not deliver

A woman who had hired a interior decorator to design her apartment, not only did the man have to miss the deadline, but even after taking Rs 8 lakh as an advance, he harassed and threatened her and even allegedly scandalized her modesty in public.

After she complained to the police, he allegedly sent thugs to her house and threatened her and her daughters with dire consequences if she did not remove the complaint.

Seema (name changed), a resident of Arehalli Uttarahalli and an independent legal advisor, lodged a complaint with Subramanyapura Police against the accused, Kiran budhwanth. Seema had bought a new apartment in June and wanted her interiors ready in a month so she could move in. The first designer she hired, Nitesh, said he could not meet his deadline and returned the advance money and sent Budhwanth back. “Kiran gave me a quote of Rs. 10 lakh and asked me to pay him an advance of Rs 8 lakh. I paid him partly in cash and partly by check. But soon he said that his parents were not feeling well and went to his hometown. Every few days he would send a different group of workers and they would complain about not having any materials to work with. Eventually I filed a police complaint in October which was recorded as an unrecognizable report. (RCN) ”

Seema said Budhwanth appeared before police with a lawyer and convinced them he would return the money and asked for some time. “Then he disappeared. On January 16, I saw him near my house and asked him to give me my money back. When he started threatening me, I ripped off the keys to his bike so he couldn’t escape and tried to call the police. He started to mistreat me, pulled my clothes and hair, and used abusive language. But I managed to deliver him to the cops. I thought this was the last time I would see him, but I heard someone knocking on my door at 4 a.m. When I went to the door to check who it was, the person ran away.

The next day, when she went to the police station, the police informed her that they released him around 2 a.m. because they could not arrest him on the basis of an NCR. “I gave them another written complaint to register the FIR but they didn’t. On February 2, two men came to my apartment and blackmailed me into withdrawing my complaint. They said I had two daughters and had to be careful. As the Subramanyapura police were delaying the registration of an FIR, I met DCP Harish Pandey who ordered the police to register the FIR.

Subramanyapura police said they were trying to locate the accused and investigations were underway.


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