Interior designer Simone Haag lists the mid-century Ringwood house


Who: Interior designer Simone Haag, husband Rhys, daughters Clover, Juniper and Goldie and Great Dane Ralph

What: Mid-Century Stunner with Stunning Views

None of Simone and Rhys Haag’s family or friends could see the appeal of the mid-century home the newlyweds bought for $425,000 in Ringwood 11 years ago.

But the creative couple had a vision of the masterpiece it could become and set out to realize their dream, layer by layer of texture, over the next few years.

The leafy setting of 13 Poynton Avenue, Ringwood. Photo: Dylan James

“We were attracted to the look, the elevation, the large floor plan, the mid-century modern features and the fact that it was intact, which was an important prerequisite as we didn’t want to buy someone else’s renovation,” says Simone.

“The renovations took place in two stages. We first renovated before moving in. The house had had only one owner and many tenants, and she desperately needed them.

“We didn’t change the floor plan, (but) we refreshed just about every surface except the fireplace. We added larch floors, painted about five coats of white paint, fresh carpet and bathrobes, remodeled the kitchen and the only bathroom it had at the time.

Simone Haag, 13 Poyton Avenue Ringwood.
There are rich and interesting textures throughout the house. Photo: Dylan James

When two became five in the growing family, the Haags considered selling and moving on, but their connection to the house was too compelling and instead they chose to expand.

Melbourne architecture firm Kennedy Nolan helped them conceptualize how to achieve maximum space without looking like they’ve interfered “too much”.

“We added a terrace next to the dining room to create this indoor-outdoor living experience. We changed rooms with our children and added a bathrobe and a bathroom to the north, topped by a terrace that surrounds a huge gum tree,” explains Simone.

“We pushed out the main living area to cover what was an unused balcony. This gave us the extra width in the room to create a custom rattan unit where the TV appears.

Simone Haag, 13 Poyton Avenue Ringwood.
The terrace next to the dining room was added by the Haags. Photo: Dylan James

“It’s inviting, layered, and there’s a narrative behind every decision and every room in the house.”

Though they love the phenomenally sized open fireplace, master bedroom overlooking a majestic 100-year-old gum tree, and lamp-lit living room with views of the Dandenongs and night lights, it’s time for the Haags to find a place. new project.

“As a husband and wife builder-designer couple, we have well and truly considered, designed, renovated and laminated every square inch of our home,” says Simone.

Simone Haag, 13 Poyton Avenue Ringwood.
The couple renovated each of the main spaces, like the kitchen, one at a time. Photo: Dylan James

“We enjoyed every minute we spent in this house, but almost 11 years later we are ready for a new project, which will bring a little more land for Ralph to let off steam in and a separate study area for me to play. can combine studio life with designing from a home studio as well.

Buyers of the unique property will have the opportunity to negotiate to purchase several of the home’s special features and rooms.

“The Danish Channel [storage] system in the kitchen is spot on – and it really belongs where it is – so the main headboard and other shelving, furniture, rugs and artwork are all available by negotiation,” explains Simone.


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