Interior design studio and retail store plan to bring a ‘new look’ to Chelsea


CHELSEA, MI – A new interior design studio and curated retail store is coming to Chelsea.

Whitetail plans to hold a grand opening for its new location at 107 S. Main Street from 4-7 p.m. on Thursday, September 29. The business started in 2016 and operated out of Dexter until Mary Baude, owner of Whitetail, decided it needed more space.

Baude has approximately 30 years of experience in interior design where she helps her clients create their ideal home with furniture, paint colors, fabrics and more. Whitetail’s interior design services include everything from consultations to placing a person’s furniture and decor in their home.

Baude said Whitetail’s retail items are curated by her and her staff, and the store brings a “new look” to customers. The store will feature select items like home decor, jewelry, handbags, furniture, clothing and more.

Since traveling around the country, Baude believes Whitetail is able to offer something different from other companies. She said she often travels to states like California and New York where she takes inspiration from what Whitetail will offer.

“Whenever I go to one of these places, I’m a research freak and visit every house store I can possibly visit,” she said. “I really think I pay attention…to the type of items they bring into their stores. I don’t see a lot of that here in the Midwest.

Baude lived in different states across the country, but her return to Michigan led her to seek out clients who would be interested in her interior design services.

It was then that she was inspired to open her brick-and-mortar location in 2017 called Whitetail Farm, which was inspired by Baude’s love of deer. The business will soon become Whitetail after the shop rebrands itself.

This new location is just the start of the business. Baude said she plans to expand her services in the future in hopes of working with newly built homes. She said Whitetail aims to educate people on what interior design elements they should budget for and help them decide what they want in their space.

Ultimately, Baude said she was excited to join the design world at Chelsea and work alongside other companies offering similar services.

“I actually like that there are few (interior design studios) here (in Chelsea) because I really believe that healthy competition is great, and we all have different styles and different tastes,” she said. “It’s impossible for any of us to have the same things.”

To learn more about Whitetail, visit his website Where social media.

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