Interior design: follow the “odd number rule” to create a beautiful room with houseplants


Bringing plants into the home can have benefits for both physical and mental well-being, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Biophilic design focuses on the human connection between nature and the environment. It integrates plants and nature into a homeowner’s daily space. Dani Turner, director of customer experience at online florist Bunches, told “Bringing the outdoors in is about creating a seamless connection between the outdoor natural world and your indoor space. Being surrounded by plants can reduce stress levels, improve air circulation and benefit our well-being. They can also help regulate room temperature and bring a sense of calm.

“An indoor garden room is a creative way to invite nature into your home; it works particularly well for homes without a garden as you can create your own green oasis.

“Follow the simple tips below to help transform any room and uplift your mood.

“There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing plants for your garden room – go for different varieties to achieve different textures and add interest. Species such as fern, ivy, cacti, spider plants, aloe vera, succulents, Monstera (Swiss cheese plant), peace lily, and snake plants are easy-care varieties that look great layered.

The expert recommended experimenting and moving the plants around to see how they look.

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The expert also recommended checking out pet-friendly and kid-friendly strains to keep everyone in the family happy and healthy.

Houseplant owners should check weekly for problems such as insects, mold, wilted and yellowing leaves.

If caught early, they can be solved by watering, holding back watering, removing insects and cleaning the plant.

Dani said: “Using natural and organic materials throughout the house will continue the theme outside. Choose pots and furniture in wicker, rattan, stone and wood to match your garden furniture.

“Wall colors inspired by nature are also complementary, such as grassland or sage greens to evoke glass and plants, yellow for the sun and flowers, and blue for the sky and oceans.

“Before buying new shelves or furniture for your garden room, check to see if you have any items you can reuse, such as an unused piece of wood in the garden shed that can easily be turned into a shelf.

“See what you can recycle or get for free from friends and neighbors. Unwanted wooden crates and boxes can make wonderful plant supports.”


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