Inside Republicans: Only Independents – Must Read Alaska


The Fairbanks Interior Republicans, Districts 31 through 36, organized separately from the Alaska Republican Party, forming their own group and renting a temporary seat through Nov. 15. This decision to create a separate operating group allows them to provide resources. individuals interested in reporting to local and state offices, providing a central location for meetings, and disseminating candidate information to the public.

Their location, at 59 College Road, across from Costco, is also where to hand out candidate signs and information for Conservative candidates. They will be engaged in activities to secure the vote for all Conservative candidates from within.

The group Les Républicains de l’intérieur also launched a robust website with candidate information and local event listings to help influence voters on “Red Ranking” in the November general election. The group also hosts election watch parties and has asked Gov. Mike Dunleavy to meet at the offices of the Interior Republicans. The Dunleavy campaign and many other candidates have rented office space. At this stage, the group has not hired any staff, but maintains the offices with the help of volunteers.

“Donations are being accepted to help us keep the doors open,” said Cheryl Markwood, the group’s founder and longtime Republican activist. “After the November election, we hope to keep inside Republicans active in candidate recruitment and training for more strategic political planning for the upcoming elections in 2023 and 2024.

The group sees itself as another resource, not a replacement for the Anchorage-based Alaska Republican Party.

“We provide services that the Republican Party arm cannot provide,” she said.


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