I’m an interior guru – five swaps that will keep you warm this winter without having to heat up for long


The dreaded onset of fall and winter means wrapping up in layers, sipping hot drinks and turning on the heater to warm up.

But as the cost of living crisis continues to engulf the world, many Britons are being forced to find cheaper alternatives that will help lower their ever-rising energy bills.


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Offering a helping hand, many have since revealed how they went an entire winter without heating.

But according to an interior expert, the design of your room can play a huge role in keeping the space cozy.

Chatting exclusively with Fabulous, Debbie Blott, on Decorbuddihas listed five exchanges that will keep you warm this winter without having to rely on heaters.

Trade minimal decor for cozy layers

When decorating your home for maximum warmth, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars — even the smallest of changes, Debbie pointed out, can make a huge difference.

”Stay away from minimal decor for cozy layers, with warm, insulating fabrics ranging from soft-pile rugs on bare floors, to wool throws on sofas and lined curtains on windows.

”The layering creates a warm and welcoming ambiance that softens and calms while reducing your heating bills.”

Swap your old bedding for a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is a priority for most. But as the temperatures drop, the cold air makes it almost impossible to fall asleep.

Here, underlines the expert, good quality bedding can make all the difference.

“Whether you prefer a duvet or traditional blankets and sheets, be sure your bedding will keep you warm at night.

”Choose a nice hot water bottle for the final decorative touch. Our very own Decorbuddi interior designer, Laura Nicolson, has created a luxurious range.”

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Replace radiators with underfloor heating

If you are currently planning a home transformation project, opt for underfloor heating, as this investment will pay off in the future.

”Water-based underfloor heating is more cost effective than radiators, and so if you are planning a house project, it is well worth considering.

”One of the biggest regrets homeowners have is removing underfloor heating from their project to save on the cost of installation.”

Debbie went on to explain: ”As the hot air rises, underfloor heating will keep you toasty warm and pay for the initial investment with cheaper bills over time.

”Just make sure you use the best flooring to allow the heat to flow through the room. Porcelain floor tiles are a great option.”

Fight chilly nights with the right bedding, Debbie advised


Fight chilly nights with the right bedding, Debbie advisedCredit: Getty

Replace plain, painted walls with wooden panels

Not only is this feature “very trendy”, but the addition of wood wall panels can also have insulating properties.

”It looks stunning and has the added benefit of heat and sound insulation.

”An excellent solution if you live in a terraced house or an apartment with a common party wall.”

Replace shutters and slatted blinds with canvas curtains

One of the biggest mistakes people make is keeping blinds and curtains open, letting hot air out of the room.

Reducing energy bills, she said, is as simple as covering windows and making sure cold air can’t enter the house.

”Covering these areas with fitted, lined curtains will look beautiful and help reduce your heating bills.

To make sure hot air doesn't leave the room, keep blinds and curtains down


To make sure hot air doesn’t leave the room, keep blinds and curtains downCredit: Getty

”It is important to design the window dressing to be as close to the window as possible.

”Go for a closed pelmet rather than an open post to trap air around the window.

“Liner layers and thermal lined fabrics are more effective than single layer curtains.

“Choose a curtain fabric that suits your style, from bold rich velvets to beautiful patterns or muted neutrals. ”

Add cozy rugs and blankets - not only will these features give a more welcoming look, but they will also keep you and your guests warm.


Add cozy rugs and blankets – not only will these features give a more welcoming look, but they will also keep you and your guests warm.Credit: Getty

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