I’m an interior designer, my advice on how to style your Christmas tree – the most important part is how you “puff it up”


With Christmas a few weeks away, it’s almost time to start thinking about setting up the tree.

But if you find it still causes a lot of hassle in your home, an interior designer has shared her top tips on how to make your tree look pretty — and it all has to do with how you “inflate” it. .


A decorator shared her top tips for styling your Christmas treeCredit: TikTok/@evebydesigns1
She said the key is to 'inflate' your limbs


She said the key is to ‘inflate’ your limbsCredit: TikTok/@evebydesigns1

Evelyn Molina, who can be found on TikTok at @evebydesigns1, said you need to focus as soon as you take your tree out of the box because she demonstrated how it’s done.

She continued to lift the lid on her proven method, as she said, “The most important part is how you start your tree.

“We’re going to puff it up, because if you don’t puff it up, it won’t look thick and full and it’ll be flat.”

She continued, “You want your shaft to have dimension, so make sure you take the time to take that extra step and puff up every little bit.”

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Evelyn then showed what she meant by taking the branches of the tree and starting to move them around so that they created a fuller look with no gaps in between.

If your tree comes in different sections, fluff each one separately before adding the next section at the top, while if it’s a tree, start at the bottom and work your way up.

Once that’s done, Evelyn said the next step is to make sure your tree lights are working — even a broken bulb can change the aesthetic.

Then it’s time to start with the fun part – the actual decorating.

Evelyn started by adding garland pieces to her tree in opposite diagonal lines. She explained: “It’s one of those moments of trust in the process.

“But be patient with me because you will see what it looks like in the end.

“For this particular tree, I’m going to use two types of garlands – one with icy, snowy things on it, and one that’s green, adding greenery and lushness to my tree.

“If you want a green tree to look snowy, just add a flocked garland.”

She added another top tip, as she explained, “You’ll have to lift some of the branches to tuck them in and between them.”

“And then ruffle the branches once you’ve finished placing your garland inside the tree.

“The most important part is how you start your tree

Evelyn Molina

“But I swear by this trick, it really adds to the fullness of your tree and gives you that designer look you’re looking for.”

Next, Evelyn said the tree is now ready for all the extra decorations you want to add – from bows to baubles.

She explained, “There’s no wrong way to do it, choose items you love and be sure to incorporate them into your tree.

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“My collection of Christmas picks didn’t happen overnight, I collected things I loved over the years.

“I like to reuse what I have and make it different every year.”

Once the tree is


Once the tree is ‘inflated’ and the lights have been checked it is ready to be styledCredit: TikTok/@evebydesigns1

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