I’m a home decor fanatic – Costco has the best linens and products to help when my spray tan stains them


An interior designer has shared the best Costco products to help with spray tan stains.

Ash, a TikToker who uses the @ash.tho handle, revealed which home staple helps keep his crisp white sheets.


Ash shared a hack for washing stained white sheetsCredit: TikTok/ash.tho
Ash uses a specific product to clean his stained white sheets


Ash uses a specific product to clean his stained white sheetsCredit: TikTok/ash.tho

“Dawn is my version of the Windex remedy,” she captioned the video.

Ash says she uses Kirkland brand sheets from Costco.

“They’re also not very expensive, so I don’t mind staining them a bit,” she says.

“If you’re wondering how I sleep in white sheets without staining them, the answer is no.

“They always get stained, especially if I forget to wash off the color guard before sleeping in it.

Ash then shares her secret to turning her sheets back to a crisp white color.

“My number one tip is to use Dawn dish soap,” she says.

“This product is great on stains of all kinds. I even used it on my white sofa.

Ash says to take another item or item of clothing that you plan to wash with your white sheets, such as a towel or sock.

She says to wet it and put some Dawn on it, then wash it hot with a scoop of Clorox.

Ash claims the sheets will come out of the wash looking like new.

His video has been viewed over 731,000 times.

Many reviewers agreed with Ash buying the Costco sheets.

“Costco leaves till the day I die!!!” one person wrote.

“Kirkland sheets are the BEST sheets I have ever had,” wrote another.

“My mind is blown,” said another.


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