I let an interior designer review my room. Here’s how he would make empty space look bigger and more comfortable.

  • I live in a new townhouse with my husband in Denver and we need help designing our bedroom.
  • We love Joanna Gaines’ style and try to recreate elements of her designs in our home.

We bought our first house earlier this year and are now decorating it.

One of our biggest inspirations is renowned interior designer Joanna Gaines’ book, “Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave.” I like its modern and cozy style and I want to integrate it into our spaces.

To see how we could create a Gaines-inspired bedroom, I asked Decorilla lead designer Devin Shaffer to virtually review and offer suggestions for the space.

Here’s what he thought of the space and how he recommends we bring our bedroom dreams to life.

We should add up to 2 distressed furniture

Our bed frame is a great start.Alyssa Towns Swantkoski

At the moment we’ve only committed to a new bed frame, but there’s plenty of room to add more furniture to the room. To recreate Gaines’ style, Shaffer said, there’s a particular type of furniture to consider.

“Bedrooms are meant to bring in softer vibes; however, adding up to two distressed pieces of furniture will create a space straight from Joanna’s latest book,” Shaffer said.

We purchased the Room & Board Hudson bed in walnut, and Shaffer confirmed that it was a great color choice as it allows us to consider a variety of finishes for other furniture we buy. It is also nice and simple in terms of form.

The windows in front of the bed are a big design challenge, but the right furniture can fill the space well.

I let an interior designer review my room.  Here's how he would make empty space look bigger and more comfortable.
There is an awkward space in our room.Alyssa Towns Swantkoski

Although we love the opening created by our windows, they take up a lot of the wall. They also sit 2 1/2 feet above the floor, making it difficult to find furniture that will fit under the window.

Shaffer recommended Pottery Barn’s Chico console table in distressed black, or something similar to fit under the lowest part of the window.

In particular, a piece like this adds a vintage touch and its many drawers add stylish storage that prevents clutter from building up in space.

Tall table lamps are the perfect addition to any low console table

My husband would tell you that our old chests of drawers were all decorated with framed photos, little trinkets and other trinkets. But sometimes all those extras can make a space feel cluttered.

To better open up the space, Shaffer recommended buying tall, sleek table lamps instead of smaller items that would match the terracotta-colored duvet we recently purchased.

Sleek, tall table lamps like these mid-tone wood tassel buffet lamps would take us away from creating a seasonal fall-inspired color palette.

Instead, it will allow us to use colors as part of a warm color palette and incorporate pieces that allow us to feel comfortable and cozy all year round. In addition, tall lamps can draw the eye upwards and help elongate our space.

Small bronze details are indispensable

Along with the terracotta quilt, distressed console table and table lamps, smaller accessories like this bronze metal planter from CB2 would bring our cozy dreams to life. Unlike a shiny gold or pure silver, bronze can add a more antique look to the space.

I forgot to mention to Shaffer that we hope to add plants to almost every room in our house, but this planter would be a great way to do that in the bedroom.

Consideration should be given to mixing high-end and low-end fabrics

I let an interior designer review my room.  Here's how he would make empty space look bigger and more comfortable.
Our bed is already very cozy.Alyssa Towns Swantkoski

Shaffer mentioned one thing I love about Gaines: she’s a natural when it comes to design, and her overall approach is a direct extension of her personality.

She draws from many areas of interior design, and we see it in the way she speaks, the textures she incorporates, and the clothing combinations she wears.

For these reasons, Shaffer suggested mixing high-end and low-end fabrics in the bedroom. That doesn’t mean we have to compromise on quality, but instead we can complement the duvet and sheets we’ve chosen with bedding lines from more affordable places like Zara and H&M.

In particular, Shaffer said this mustard-yellow patterned pillow (and a few others in muted or softer tones) would look great and cozy if we go the dark console route.

A wall light would balance out the tall, long windows by the bed

I let an interior designer review my room.  Here's how he would make empty space look bigger and more comfortable.
A large lamp can help me fill an awkward space.Alyssa Towns Swantkoski

There’s a weird space near my side of the bed that we didn’t know how to use.

I love to read before bed and considered a small reading lamp, but Shaffer suggested I buy a larger one to allow us to make the most of the wall space.

A simple wall light like this black bedside lamp or this sleek modern glass wall sconce would give me the best of both worlds – a reading light that balances out the long rectangular window.

A sleek, feline-friendly bed would look great (and let us spoil our boy)

Our Bengal cat is spoiled rotten and always in the lead. We have a cat bed in our room for him, but he is not attached to it.

I let an interior designer review my room.  Here's how he would make empty space look bigger and more comfortable.
We could get a nicer bed for our cat.Alyssa Towns Swantkoski

To match our uncovered open bed, Shaffer recommended this stylish Tree Hugger Pet Bed in a slightly darker wood finish than our walnut bed frame. The bed can help tie the room together a bit more and fill our space better.


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