How to expand your home on a budget


HOUSTON – If you have a taste for Pottery Barn, but your budget is too small, we can help. Interior designer Shelly Wahle from The Best Little Decor House in Texas shares her secrets to help you spruce up your home.

“This is the time when, after your Christmas decorations have fallen, we think our house just looks a little blah,” Wahle explained. “Small projects like painting a wall or furniture, changing pillows, can just give your home a new, updated look. “

Secret n ° 1

Interior designers have special stores where they shop that are only open to commerce. They have high end pieces that you won’t easily find in other stores. One of these companies, Elizabeth Cole Design & Decor on Hempstead Road, recently started selling to the public. Wahle has been shopping here for 20 years. Half of the building is an upscale showroom with parts you can purchase directly (no waiting for delivery). The other half is filled with furniture and accessories used only in model homes. All of these items are Clearances and Clearance Prices.

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These are some of the offers that we loved.

Photo frames from $ 3.99 to $ 14.99 at Elizabeth Cole. (Amy Davis)

Photo frames from $ 3.99 to $ 14.99 at Elizabeth Cole.

This buffet at Elizabeth Cole is $ 420. (Amy Davis)

This buffet at Elizabeth Cole is $ 420.

This all-new dresser is a steal at just $ 138.99. (Amy Davis)

This all-new dresser is a steal at just $ 138.99.

Secret n ° 2

A fresh coat of paint can refresh a room, whether you’re painting a wall or a single piece of furniture. Wahle said anyone can use chalk paint. He’s supposed to look distressed, so you don’t have to be perfect.

Secret n ° 3

Pewter can give your home a polished and professionally decorated look. Real stuff is expensive, but you can get fake tin at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Wahle said you can even attach it to a wall or inside an art niche with control bands or velcro. This is a great decorating idea if you live in an apartment or like to change your decor frequently.

Secret n ° 4

Use iron to fill a window that is too high for siding. Wahle uses a wood and resin product which is much cheaper than iron, but you can fit it perfectly in your window.

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This is a faux iron that you can order to fit inside a window. (Jean Baron)

Secret n ° 5

Have you ever tried touching up your wall only to find that the touch up paint no longer matches? Wahle said the trick is to ditch the brush and use an old t-shirt to apply the paint instead.

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