House for sale in Wigan goes viral over interior photos


A terraced house for sale in Wigan has gone viral for the criminal state of its interior.

The property, located in Engineer Street, is currently listed as an online auction on RightMove with a starting price of £80,000, which is a far cry from the current average UK property price of £250,000. £.

From the outside the house looks like a total steal for its price, with two double bedrooms and a reasonably sized rear garden. It is also located close to public transport and local amenities.

However, the reason for the exceptionally low price becomes apparent upon entering the property, which appears to have once served as a farm for growing green ‘foliage’ of some sort.

Photos of the property, which have since been taken down, show scenes of utter disarray, with abandoned plants and rubble strewn across the living room and a DIY ventilation system hanging from the ceiling.

And the kitchen is no better, with bits of plasterboard strewn across the floor and broken appliances hanging from countertops.

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On the bright side, the bathroom appears to have a fully functional sink and toilet – albeit without a seat or cover – although like the rest of the house it is cluttered with rubble and other sorts of filth.

A potential buyer came across the ad while looking for a house and couldn’t resist sharing it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

The social media user wrote: “House hunting going well… absolute bargain, just needs updating.”

Another house hunter wrote sarcastically: “Negotiate a house to buy, [just] needs a bit of TLC to become a great family home,” while a third commented: “Neighbours’ heating bills are going to skyrocket this winter.

Although to give credit where it’s due, Purple Bricks – which listed the property – hints that it may not be what it seems, pointing out that it “needs updating”. “.

Their description on RightMove reads: “This property is in need of complete modernization and viewings are advised.”

Purple Bricks was approached by Proper Manchester for comment.


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