Home Office visits Klamath Basin


As the Klamath Basin experiences the third consecutive year of drought, farmers and herders have faced a severely limited water supply from the Klamath Project, run by Reclamation. This week’s discussions reinforced the efforts of the Interagency Working Group on Drought Control, co-chaired by the Ministries of Interior and Agriculture, which is actively working to identify and disburse immediate financial and technical assistance for affected irrigators and tribes. It also develops longer-term measures to respond to climate change and build climate resilience.

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Act Invests $162 Million to Restore the Klamath Basin Ecosystem and Identifies Significant Additional Opportunities to Support Water Resilience and Infrastructure That Will Make Great Leaps in achieving the Department’s commitment to a sustainable and inclusive engagement that helps minimize the impacts of drought and develops a long-term plan to facilitate conservation and economic growth.

Throughout the visit, department heads pledged to continue to work closely with Klamath Basin stakeholders on bipartisan infrastructure law efforts to identify projects that will contribute to success. of the shared heritage and valuable natural resources of this important ecosystem.

Below is a weekly news video from the Home Office featuring the visit.


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