Home Office to assume police oversight powers for first time in over 30 yearsNews


A new office will be launched on August 2 which will directly oversee the National Police Agency.
This is part of the reforms of the police and the prosecution where the police take over the investigative powers of the latter.
Our Kim Bo-kyoung gives us the details.

A new police office under the Ministry of Interior and Security is to be launched in early August.
It will be the first time in more than 30 years that the ministry has had direct control over the police, as the National Police Agency was separated from the Home Office, ancestor of the Home Office, in 1991.

“In order that the Minister of the Interior can properly discharge the roles and responsibilities granted by the Constitution and the law, a new office of police will be created within the ministry, headed by a chief superintendent general.”

The launch of the new office comes as the police are expected to be given more investigative powers that belonged to the prosecutor’s office.
Under recently passed new laws, the prosecutor’s investigative powers are to be reduced and eventually abolished from the beginning of September.
The office will be established through a review of implementing ordinances rather than statutes.
Under the new branch, three departments would be set up with a total of 16 employees, including 12 from the police.
Departments will submit key police policy and legislative proposals to Cabinet for approval, recommend candidates for senior police positions and support local self-government.
Meanwhile, the Minister also announced that he would propose a set of regulations regarding the head of two agencies – the National Police Agency and the National Fire Agency.
This would give the Home Secretary the right to obtain prior reports and approve key policy decisions.
Moreover, under the plan, not only the salary of the police would be increased, but also the police manpower in order to better deal with the increase in economic crimes and cyberspace.

“A new 13-member committee will also be launched under the Prime Minister’s office to properly implement the announced measures, and the office will be established on August 2, after going through necessary processes such as the cabinet meeting. Kim Bo- kyoung, Arirang news.”


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