Home Minister warns Imran Khan to ensure long peaceful march – Pakistan


Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Saturday that former Prime Minister Imran Khan should ask his supporters to be peaceful during the PTI’s long march in Islamabad.

Reacting to Imran’s rally in Mianwali on Friday, the minister tweeted that Imran said “the long march will be a bloody long march”. According to Sanaullah, if Imran does not urge his followers to be peaceful and instead encourages them to ‘burn the house’ then the minister will not let him out of the house

Earlier, speaking to reporters, Sanaullah criticized the PTI president for “inciting” and “misleading” the public against the government.

Imran embarks on a series of protests against the government

This follows Imran’s jalsa in Mianwali on Friday in which he announced he was starting a Haqeeqi Azad Tehreek (genuine independence movement) from Mianwali.

The PTI President announced that he would appeal to the nation for the Islamabad March anytime after May 20.

He said the public gathering of millions could not be stopped by anyone, including Rana Sanaullah or Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

He also accused Sanaullah of murdering people, mostly in clashes with police.

Earlier in the day, Sanaullah called on the PTI to condemn and apologize for the Masjid-i-Nabwi incident, and said the government knew that those who harassed Prime Minister Shehbaz’s delegation to Saudi Arabia were “the people of Imran”.

“They have been identified. Act against them,” Sanaullah said.

“If you don’t abandon these tactics and continue to encourage your supporters to disrespect members of other parties, you too will suffer the same fate.” You will not be able to escape it, ”warned Interior Minister Khan.


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