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The Daily Tribune –

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa yesterday issued the Royal Decree (1) of 2022, amending certain provisions of the Decree (69) of 2004 on the restructuring of the Interior Ministry.

Article (1): The text of point (11) of article (1) of Decree 69/2004 restructuring the Ministry of the Interior is amended as follows: supervises

a. The Performance Control and Monitoring Department

b. The Communication and Strategic Planning Department

vs. The General Directorate of Customs Inspection and Security, which includes: the Customs Directorate of Maritime Ports, the Customs Directorate of Airports, the Customs Directorate of Land Ports, the Customs Security Directorate.

D. The General Directorate of Customs Clearance and Services, which includes: the Directorate of Customs Compliance and Risks, the Directorate of Customs Permits and Customer Service, the Directorate of Customs Clearance.

e. The General Resources and Information Systems Department, which includes: The Training and Development Department, the Financial Resources Department, the Information Systems Department, the Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Department ”.

Article (2): A new article (N ‘7) is added to the (second) of article (1) of Decree 69/2004 on the restructuring of the Ministry of the Interior, and the rest of the articles are renumbered accordingly , as follows: “7- The General Directorate for the execution of verdicts and alternative sentences, which includes: the Directorate for alternative sentences, the Directorate for coordination and judicial monitoring, the Directorate for the execution of verdicts”.

The Minister of the Interior executes the provisions of the decree, which takes effect immediately and will be published in the Official Journal.


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