Here’s how the interior of the all-new Volvo EX90 will fuse luxury and durability


Ask anyone what they think of VOLVOand the majority of them will say “safety”, while the rest will associate Volvo with making unique and, of course, impressive luxury cars electric car. While this Swedish automaker is primarily associated with making the safest vehicles on the market, Volvo is committed to providing its customers with unrivaled luxurious interiors in addition to offering best-in-class safety.

It’s been a few months since Volvo unveiled the first details of its upcoming EV SUV, the EX90, the supposed successor to the XC90. Following the announcement of cutting-edge safety technologies such as LiDAR systems and advanced interior occupancy systems to reduce accidents by at least 20%, as well as the two-way charging system, the Swedish innovator has now revealed some details on what to expect inside its upcoming EX90.

However, Volvo was coy with the details of the EX90. That being said, we’re excited to hear more about the EX90 on November 9th. Until then, let’s dive deeper into what we already know about the EX90’s interior.

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Volvo sets a benchmark with natural materials and Scandinavian values

If you have followed our articles related to the technologies implemented on the next Volvo EX90 in previous articles, you will certainly agree that Volvo takes sustainability to another dimension and will certainly lead the race when it comes to being ecological and distinct.

Although Volvo engineers have been very careful to meet greener standards, they have faced many challenges in adopting this approach. However, this Swedish company has found its answer in its roots and intends to stick to its Scandinavian and Nordic cultures to meet the need for sustainability.

The upcoming Volvo EX90 takes material quality to an insane level with a new material called Nordico. Sounds cool, right? What’s cooler is that this material represents Scandinavian values ​​and is created from recycled PET bottles and biodegradable materials from Swedish and Finnish forests.

Although Volvo didn’t provide any details on the interior design, they did reveal that they would use FSC-certified wood inserts to create a luxury ambience. In addition, the wooden trim will be accompanied by metallic accents and background mood lighting to give the impression of a Scandinavian living room with Nordic elements.

Volvo embraces sustainability with natural materials and recycled plastics

The upcoming EX90 will feature state-of-the-art technology in upholstery and interior materials. According to Volvo, automotive luxury has seen a new perspective and has continued to evolve, as has the way time and charging range have replaced older concepts like power and acceleration. Additionally, Volvo is keen to replace shiny materials like animal leather with synthetic leather, which can be recycled to take another step towards a fully circular and climate-neutral business by 2040.

Cecilia Stark, Volvo Senior Design Manager, said: “We chose materials based on our values. These choices leave behind old-school automotive luxury and express our Scandinavian underpinnings. With the Volvo EX90, we take customer well-being as a design. starting point.”

As reported by Volvo, the EX90’s cabin will use up to 110 lbs (50 kg) of recycled plastic, consisting of recycled plastic parts, PET bottles, biodegradable materials and non-primary fossil fuels.

As standard, seats and other cabin elements will be trimmed in Nordico, a polymer-based leatherette material made from recycled PET bottles and other plastics. The carpets inside are also made with regenerated polyamides, which facilitates recycling.

In addition to this, Volvo will also offer vegan wool seat upholstery to meet the strict sustainability standard for animal welfare and environmental and social issues.

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The interior of the Volvo EX90 provokes an emotional connection with distinctive craftsmanship

In addition to using recyclable and modern materials, Volvo has also designed the EX90’s cabin with a distinctive layout inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle and beautiful Nordic landscapes.

The Volvo EX90 cabin will offer seven different interior color choices, to allow buyers to customize the interior to suit their tastes or match the interior to the exterior colors. Each color combination is uniquely designed to provide a distinctive ambience based on customer preference and deliver flawless interior treatment.

The meticulously crafted metal interior accents, wide selection of wood interior trim, and bright and vivid seat covers not only provide outstanding visual aesthetics, but also motivate a sense of luxury and comfort. That being said, Volvo has not only exhibited amazing durability standards but also succeeded in delivering a luxury atmosphere to its customers.

The interior of the next Volvo EX90 will also feature best-in-class technology

Although Volvo didn’t say much about the features and creature comforts the EX90 will offer inside, they did provide two key interior details that make us even more restless. The EX90 will feature state-of-the-art safety technologies inside. The cockpit will feature two cameras and an interior radar to monitor the driver’s current status.

The Advanced Driver Monitoring System monitors the driver’s gaze and head movements while steering wheel sensors check the driver’s attention. If the system detects that the driver is inattentive or in a dangerous driving state, the steering wheel nudges and warns with audio-visual warnings. If the driver still does not react, the system activates the hazard warning lights and stops on the side of the road.

Not only that, but the EX90 also features an advanced type of interior occupant detection system to prevent occupants from locking themselves inside and avoid the unthinkable. This feature uses radars and cameras to detect if a child or pet is trapped inside.

If the sensors detect someone trapped inside, the system activates the AC power and unlocks the door. The EX90 will be the first vehicle to integrate such modern technologies into the cabin, and when it hits the ground, the EX90 will undoubtedly have the most technologically advanced cabin.

Source: Volvo


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