Hancock Whitney Seminars Help New Orleans Interior Designer Connect With Clients | Sponsored: Hancock Whitney


Regina Correa’s interior design business, Studio Riche Designs, has been successful since opening in New Orleans in 2012. But Correa knew there were ways to help her grow even more, especially since she discovered that most new clients reached her through marketing rather than referrals.

So when an acquaintance at the Louisiana Small Business Development Center told Correa about seminars sponsored by Hancock Whitney, she immediately jumped on board. With several topics to choose from, Correa opted for sessions that helped her learn about marketing strategies and the importance of consistent messaging.

“For me, marketing is one of the most important aspects of my business because it’s the main way to attract customers,” Correa said. “I felt like I needed to learn more about how to position my business and understand digital marketing and social media. I cleared my agenda and jumped straight into the seminars because I knew that they would benefit me.”

These sessions inspired Correa to launch a monthly magazine that focuses on interior design trends and tips for people to improve their space. Since launching the magazine in May 2020, Correa has seen her business grow thanks in large part to a significant increase in search traffic.

“When someone types ‘interior design New Orleans’ into Google, my business is one of the first three to come up,” Correa said. “I strongly believe that the magazine’s SEO (search engine optimization) helped me get to this point. It was the Hancock Whitney program that guided and inspired me.

Marketing is just one of the topics covered in the Hancock Whitney Small Business Matters program, which offers virtual and in-person seminars designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners and solopreneurs – people like Correa who run their entire business on their own. Other sessions focus on financing, loans, human resources and more.

“In addition to providing great marketing insights, the seminars allowed me to be in the same room with other solopreneurs facing the same issues as me,” Correa said. “There really is this camaraderie. People shared their own stories that we could all relate to. We learned from each other’s mistakes and experiences. It was instructive in many ways.

As Studio Riche Designs continues to thrive, Correa has embraced the concept of being a lifelong learner and is always looking for further opportunities for growth. With her positive and successful experience, she encourages other small business owners to do the same.

“There are so many resources out there for entrepreneurs,” she said. “The Hancock Whitney program is great and the Louisiana Small Business Development Center is always ready to help. They can also meet with you one-on-one and help you develop a plan for your business. I always tell people to take advantage of the help that is out there because you don’t have to do it alone.

For more information, visit www.hancockwhitney.com/small-business-matters. To learn more about Studio Riche Designs, visit www.studiorichedesigns.com.


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