Gallatin Board of Aldermen receives information on painting the interior of the water tower and keeps abreast of water meters


The Gallatin Council of Aldermen on March 28and approved an offer for the order of six electrical transformers.

T and R Electric’s offer was $6,060 and tThe vote came after Director of Public Works Mark Morey asked to order transformers to have on hand as backups. The delivery time will extend until the budget period 2023.

Morey reported that crews installed new advanced metering infrastructure meters this month. The electrical team had only 100 electrical meters left in inventory to install, and they should be installed in April. So far, the water utility has installed 616 new AMI meters. Crews waited on basement water radios to be delivered.

Morey said Suez, which has the water tower maintenance agreement, plans to paint the interior of the water tower in late April. Morey explained that Suez was sandblasting and repainting the interior of the tower. The tower will then need to harden and samples will need to be taken before bringing the tower back online. Morey said the process would take five to six weeks. The council can expect to pay overtime during this time as the plant is online longer to keep water lines filled and pressure maintained. He noted that the last time the interior of the tower was painted was in 2009.

Morey reported that the mixed liquor pool aerator had stopped working. He was waiting for repair estimates.

Other materials had been delivered to the treatment plant for the construction of the clarifier.

There was discussion of the drug abuse resistance education program within Gallatin as well as Police Chief Mark Richards teaching the program in other school districts in the county. The board approved permission for Richards to use his personal time to teach the DARE curriculum to school districts outside of Gallatin.

He would be responsible for billing those school districts and would be paid individually. All DARE educational materials and other related expenses would not be paid for by the City of Gallatin for these school districts.

The Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System contract is in effect. The board last month approved a continuation of a MULES contract with Daviess County Central 911 and the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office. This was after City Administrator Lance Rains and Richards attended a 911 board meeting to discuss running MULES in Gallatin instead of Chillicothe. Rains is to provide information to the board of aldermen once it is approved by 911, the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office and attorney Robert Cowherd.

Richards reported that he and an officer attended training at Chillicothe last week. Richards said the information presented is applicable to calls the Gallatin department has had and will be helpful in the field.

Rains requested a full police department inventory for auditors, including uniforms, ammunition and firearms.

Richards provided a list of incident reports dated March 28and. It included two property damage incidents, two animal issues and two welfare checks.

Rains led a discussion on a block grant for a street resurfacing project. He received a list of pending items for the grant, and the items were corrected and resubmitted. Council is due to resume discussions on street projects for the summer pending final block grant funding approval.

Rains distributed a pamphlet on the Environmental Protection Agency’s lead and copper rules. An updated solar field proposal was also distributed. Rains agreed to contact the Missouri Public Utility Alliance before responding to the solar company.

Rains reported that Gallatin City Hall has received complaints about the rapid removal of trash. In addition to residential complaints, he noted that the city had begun receiving complaints from commercial customers that their dumpster costs had tripled.

Rains was working with two people regarding requests for street closures. Individuals were informed of the process for closing a street. The board must be informed if individuals move forward.

The board moved into closed session for employee matters.

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