Furnish & Fettle Harrogate: Leading Yorkshire interior design firm announces plans to close store – but it will save all staff


Despite the setback, Furnish & Fettle husband and wife team Glyn and Eleanor Goddard said there would be no job cuts and all staff would move to their Wetherby branch, which is about 16 km away.

The decision to move away from Crescent Road is part of a “change of direction” for the family business, which has said it wants to learn from the pandemic and respond to the changing economic climate.

“Footprint has changed dramatically over the past two years and the market has become polarized,” said Furnish & Fettle owner Glyn Goddard. “The most price-sensitive buyers are increasingly turning to the internet, while at the other end of the spectrum are people looking for expertise and service, and these are the majority of our customers. With costs rising, it just doesn’t make sense to have two showrooms so close to each other, so we took advantage of a break in our lease to refocus how we can better serve our customers.”

Furnish & Fettle owners, husband and wife team Glyn & Eleanor Goddard, today announced plans to close their Harrogate showroom at the end of the year.

As part of the new strategy, Furnish & Fettle took up new premises at Thorp Arch with additional storage space and a dedicated workshop, and invested in new larger vans to facilitate the delivery of larger pieces of furniture. She is also recruiting an additional experienced interior designer and tradesperson for the facilities team.

Co-owner Eleanor Goddard said: “It’s a little sad to leave Harrogate, especially as we’re in such a beautiful building, but our Wetherby showroom is less than 10 miles away. It’s a We’ve seen a huge increase in the project side of our business, while the retail side has become a bit of a distraction.

“Our Wetherby and Pocklington showrooms will continue to display inspiring sets of pieces and will still feature pieces that can be purchased locally. But these will primarily be used to showcase design ideas and our bespoke craftsmanship. This decision makes sense on all levels.”


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