From truck driver to interior design guru, Blessing shares the secret to success


The Chronicle

Canditar Chapanduka, columnist

The interior design business is profitable, ask Blessing Moyo, and he’ll tell you.

But it’s not for everyone – it takes guts and an unwavering attitude to pull it off – and that’s what the 28-year-old used as fuel to go from truck driver to manager of his own business.

The man from the suburb of Luveve started out on his own, driving trucks for a local business, but he knew he had to grow up fast. Being an errand boy with a driver’s license wasn’t enough for him, he soon realized he couldn’t live on the knife edge forever.

Blessing’s ambition to succeed immediately ignited a fire in his heart that propelled him on his long and arduous path to success. He was desperate to change his story and create a new life for his family.

“I encourage other people sitting without capital to start their business and those who are afraid to take risks due to the fear of the unknown in the business market every business is flooded but if you have the passion , you squeeze in the industry and work harder to build your name until the company is recognized.

“It is indeed not easy to start your own business but it is a good experience to start by working with others to gain experience before having your own business,” he said. .

Blessing can now successfully dispense advice and you’d think he had it easy, but that wasn’t the case. Working for a carpentry company made the transition easier for her. In his free time, he had to collect scrap wood and turn it into shoe racks. He quickly closed his sale – his client paid him US$60 and from there he never looked back.

“I kept researching the internet too to get better at how to handle the numbers when creating a cutlist and in no time the job was right at my fingertips” , Blessing said.

In 2017, he created BM Interiors, a company specializing in interior design. He employed five people and together they overcame the challenges of running a new business.

“Travel was not easy for me as I had to hire a transport every time to move the materials from place to place, which ultimately reduced my profit on sales. However, in 2018 I had my longest kitchen installation project which lasted 15 days at a house in suburban Harrisvale where I worked on the kitchen, pantry and scullery.

“This project opened doors for me as I started getting continuous projects through referrals. Now I can do projects even outside of Bulawayo. I go all the way to Gweru and Tsholotsho, the distance doesn’t is not an obstacle for me to do my job,” Blessing said.

Fascinated by interior design, Blessing became completely obsessed with learning everything about the interior design industry, so he returned to the internet to study.

“I managed to grow my business, moving from carpentry to installing pumps and electricity, plastering, skimming walls and painting. In addition, we also carry out tiling and ceiling installation. I am so happy that the business is improving every time and I am excelling very well as I am getting loyal customers, the future is bright for the growth of the business.

“I managed to buy an open truck mainly for the business from the profits I made from the business. The truck helps the growing business by making traveling with the materials bearable. It carries the materials to different locations where we would work as well as people’s completed orders to their respective locations,” Blessing said.

Blessing Moyo from BM interiors at work

“Distance is not a barrier for BM Interiors as I am currently offering services outside of Bulawayo in places like Gweru, Tsholotsho and Gwanda among others through referrals from grateful clients as we are not pleasing to the client by adding beauty in their home only but we make sure the project is completed perfectly even before the time runs out which impresses the clients. I’m glad the business is developing very well,” he said .

Blessing has managed to achieve financial gains that have impressively improved his lifestyle. He said he managed to help his parents by taking his siblings to one of the best schools in Bulawayo and his nephew to college since he was not yet married.

His vision is to develop his business and wants to collaborate with large construction companies.

“I want to see every home have its own kitchen and bedroom with my job. I will also like the government to help us financially, the new start-ups with capital like they do with the farmers and I will also want to contribute to the country by creating jobs like currently I have managed to employ more workers who are now 10 for my business which continues to grow and requires more manpower,” he said.



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