Finding Broncos: Perrion Winfrey | Inside defensive lineman | Oklahoma



  • Height: 6 feet 4 inches
  • Weight: 290 pounds
  • Arms: 35-1/4 inches
  • Hands: 10-1/4 inches

Combine results



  • A playmaker on the defensive front and constantly disruptive in the backfield
  • Can trigger the slam and converts lower body blast into upper body power well
  • There’s no stopping his engine as a pass rusher
  • Has a strong hustle with an excellent understanding of leverage and pad level
  • Will often win with their first step by exploding from the snap and reaching blockers before entering their set
  • A good athlete and he often comes across as a pass thrower with his ability to get through blockers’ faces quickly
  • Although he needs to add more moves to his arsenal, he already has some great down moves.
  • Has great versatility to play multiple techniques on the defensive line, but three to five is his best spot
  • Works non-stop on and off the field
  • Ticked all the intangible boxes and was impressive in buzz-based Combine team interviews
  • Football’s high IQ shows on tape how quickly he can read and diagnose game and blocking pattern
  • Although he’s not the most agile, he’s good at changing direction
  • Had 23 total tackles, including 11 for a loss

The inconvenients

  • Struggle on the chase and rely on outside rushers to keep the quarterback in the pocket
  • Is not as agile with his lateral movements
  • There are many instances of play with too much forward lean and opponents using it to steer it
  • Needs to develop a better base, especially when sitting against the run
  • Must grow his pass rush and especially develop his counters
  • Must learn to attack blocks better as a race defender
  • Needs to improve his ability to lose and be consistent with it
  • Needs a stronger core to support up to two teams as a race defender
  • Will need to put his hands up when he’s not putting pressure on the QB to obstruct the throwing lanes
  • Oklahoma often used him in the wrong role, leading to statistical discrepancies


Perrion Winfrey is an interesting prospect to watch because of the way the Sooners have used him. He wasn’t used to the best of his ability as often as he should have been, but he still flashed a lot and made big plays.

With how sudden and explosive he is, Winfrey can win instantly, but teams will need to improve his ability to succeed later in the rep. We count on his explosiveness, which will not be enough as often in the NFL as in the university.

There is a problem with Winfrey’s run defense overall, but playing him in a role where he should see fewer double teams would be a good first step. From there, you can work on any technical issues that need to be resolved.

NFL teams are in a better position to use players to their strengths than college teams, which is something to watch for Winfrey. His draft stock is mostly projection-based due to his use in college versus what he’ll be in the NFL.

Ride with the Broncos

Winfrey would fit very well into the defensive scheme of Ejiro Evero who uses the 1.5 year gap system on the defensive line. With how explosive Winfrey is, that would help her make a play on the ball. Also, putting him in place of Shelby Harris facing Dre’Mont Jones should help limit double teams as a run defender, and it should help him overall against the run.

Although there are a lot of things he needs to work on, Winfrey needs to be thrown to the wolves, and Denver is in a position to do just that. He needs to come out in the NFL and master the technique in live-action. Winfrey is on this climb having improved tremendously from 2020 to 2021 and you don’t want to draft him, only to give him a minor role.

Denver has some depth plays to spin with Winfrey, which will help keep him and that engine strong. However, he is at the bottom of the leading group in defensive linemen, and after him are slim selections. It seems unlikely that Winfrey will be on the board when the Broncos finally clock in at No. 64 overall.

To note: First round 2

Where he’s going: Top 50


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