Eight creative ways to use interior stone in your renovation


Adding stone to your home improvement project can help give your space the creative, inviting, and functional sanctuary vibe you’ve been craving.


There are many reasons why the last two years will go down in history, but a lesser-known claim to fame from this period is an unprecedented increase in homeowners’ home improvement projects. As people stayed home, they gained perspective and gratitude for their spaces. And, according to Abacus Data, as wellness has become a priority for Canadians, 1 in 2 have invested in home improvement projects. Of those planning or carrying out home improvement projects, 9 in 10 focus on creating multipurpose spaces in the home, such as adding a home office or gym, and 8 in 10 aim to create comfortable and relaxing places that feel like home. a haven.

Creating an inviting and functional sanctuary in the home means choosing materials that are versatile and durable, and as a bonus, giving a nod to nature. Stones have incredible architectural and aesthetic benefits that, when harnessed, can instantly transform the look and feel of a home. Stones also possess enduring beauty, offering many colors, shapes and patterns that make them ideal for home decor. Many designers and homeowners use them to infuse warmth, add luxury, or incorporate an element of nature into the home.

Pacific art stoneThere are two categories of stone available to designers and homeowners: natural stone and manufactured stone. Natural stones are found in nature, quarried or unearthed, while manufactured stones are made from a mixture of cement, iron oxide and aggregates and are just as durable, beautiful and diverse as stones. natural. Whether you choose to use natural stone or manufactured stone, their beauty, availability and versatility allow for easy integration into a home’s interior design.

Traditionally, granite, slate, quartz and marble are among the stones of choice for interior design and decoration, but there are many other types of interior stones that can be used artfully to enliven different home spaces.

Here are some creative ways you can use indoor stone throughout your home to make your home improvement project a rave success.

stone waterfall

Add luxury to your living space with a waterfall constructed from sandstone. In addition to the beauty and sturdiness that sandstone brings to decor, an indoor waterfall will also create a soothing, zen-like atmosphere in which family members can relax and rejuvenate. Be sure to blend the colors of the waterfall with those of the rest of the space for a cohesive look.

feature wall

Use a combination of complementary pattern and color stones to create a feature wall in your main living space. A patchwork wall rivals any artwork and is sure to be the focal point of your main living space.

Stone floors

Consider stone for your floors. Travertine lends a feeling of luxury and elegance and is an excellent flooring choice. Travertine stands up to heavy traffic and is versatile enough to fit both traditional and modern home designs.

Stacked stone backsplash

Let your backsplash take center stage by using stacked slates. Slate has beautiful shades of red, gray and blue that can contrast with a monochromatic kitchen. Slate is water and heat resistant, making it the ideal stone for use in the kitchen.

step-3Pacific art stoneStone veneer fireplace

Do you want the look of a solid stone fireplace, but the budget doesn’t allow it? Refresh your old fireplace by surfacing it with stone veneer instead. A stone veneer is a layer of finely cut pieces of stone or manufactured stone-like products used to cover pre-existing structures. The pasted fieldstone veneer on your fireplace will give your space an old-world charm while simultaneously amplifying its comfort and warmth.

Stone breakfast bar

The backsplash and counter aren’t the only places that can benefit from a stone treatment in your kitchen. Use your choice of stone in a rim pattern to decorate the base of your ordinary breakfast bar. The design adds a trendy touch to the kitchen.

River stone bathroom

Stone is a classic material used to create spa-like effects in a bathroom. Consider using river rocks to decorate your shower and walls to turn your bathroom into a retreat.

Stone coffee table

Accessories are considered the finishing touch of the living space. The stone is perfect for creating decorative pieces that can be used as accessories. A stone coffee table, for example, is both decorative and functional. Mix and match the stone pieces to create a one-of-a-kind mosaic coffee table.

Depending on your location and application, some types of interior stone may not work as well as others. It is best to consult an interior designer who can help you determine the suitability of your choice of stone for your project.

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