Eco-friendly interior designs boost sales


The interior layout of retail space can have a significant impact on sales of retail stores and other commercial areas. To increase profits, many stores are beginning to incorporate more environmentally friendly elements into their design, including using sustainable materials, incorporating natural lighting, and using environmentally friendly furniture and displays. Besides being good for the environment, these changes also increase sales by making the space more attractive, comfortable and inviting for customers.

Green commercial space is still new

Before we dive into why retailers and designers are emphasizing green retail spaces, it’s important to note that green options for commercial spaces are still considered new. Green commercial spaces have only been around since around 2010, which is relatively young compared to trends such as industrial interior design (1960s) or brick interiors (1870s). We can expect green commercial spaces to continue to grow in popularity as more businesses realize how beautiful and well-functioning these spaces are.

How Green Design Influences Consumer Decisions

People are more likely to buy from green retailers than from conventional stores, reports a recent study by researchers from Cornell University and Santa Clara University. In their paper, published in Environment and Behavior, the researchers surveyed 245 customers about their shopping habits at two outlets: a conventional supermarket and an eco-friendly store that sells eco-friendly products. Survey respondents were also asked about their perceptions of the interior design elements of these stores, including green design.

Impact of eco-responsible interior design on consumer behavior and satisfaction

Green retail space, green design and environmental sustainability have become increasingly mainstream topics. As consumers demand more eco-friendly products and services, interior designers are incorporating eco-friendly elements into their interiors to create a positive customer experience. Green retail space is becoming an increasingly important part of marketing. A 2013 study conducted by Case Western Reserve University found that eco-friendly store design is directly correlated with consumer behavior and sales growth in retail stores.

Sustainable products are the new normal in today’s market

According to a recent report by BSR (Business for Social Responsibility), green retail space is no longer a niche market, but instead is now the norm in interior design. If a store doesn’t offer at least a few sustainable options, customers will turn away and look elsewhere. Green products have been proven to increase sales, and brands that provide consumers with unique shopping experiences have also seen great success with their green marketing strategies.

Integrate different eco-responsible features into an existing store

The work of an interior designer does not stop at a client’s door. So when you need to renovate a store or are ready to open your first retail store, consider including eco-friendly features in your design. They will add natural beauty and aesthetic value to your business, but they can also help attract more customers. And with more customers come bigger sales.

Whether you’re setting up your own retail space or working with a commercial interior designer, adding green elements to your store can increase sales and attract new customers. Eco-friendly design is an increasingly sought-after feature of interiors, from restaurants to banks and beyond. It creates comfort for shoppers by using eco-friendly materials and providing increased ventilation that keeps the air clean. If a new customer discovers an inviting shopping environment, they are more likely to return.

(Uttamaditya is CEO and Founder, U & I Interiors Pvt. Ltd.)

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Posted: Saturday April 30th 2022, 3:57 PM IST


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