Donkey runs for mayor in interior BC city


“Lobo would like to help the RCMP,” said goaltender Lorraine O’Connor.

Lobo the donkey hopes not to make a fool of himself as he runs for mayor of Grand Forks, B.C.

Behind Lobo’s race for the highest job in town: his keeper, Lorraine O’Connor. Ahead of Election Day, slated across British Columbia for Oct. 15, Lobo even got his own campaign Facebook page, which prompted a number of comments from interested voters.

“I think Grand Forks needs straw bales along the streets where a guy could lay down and take a nap, preferably under the shade of a nice leafy tree, troughs on each block where a guy could drink water on a hot day, ah and carrots! Free carrots! suggested Dave Soroka, one of the town’s 4,112 residents.

Others have suggested that Lobo tackle housing, address substance abuse issues, and roll out initiatives to improve local retention of healthcare professionals.

O’Connor responded diligently to such comments on Lobo’s behalf and reiterated that the donkey is committed to working for voters.

“When Lobo is mean, he has a number of different disciplines. He can either work really hard or be attached to his position so he can reflect on his behavior. No hanging out with his friends either,” O’Connor said.

Other community members turn to the donkey for basic amenities. Leanne Haslam posted a photo of a volleyball or tennis court.

“It’s a great idea,” O’Connor said. “Why, Lobo would even come to watch.”

And Lobo is keen on fighting crime.

“Lobo would like to be useful by helping the RCMP. Maybe observe and report,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor added, “I saw Lobo running after predators who ventured into his corral,” O’Connor said. ” It is serious ! »

Terms of appointment

Lobo is the latest in a long line of animals running for office.

Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller won the race for mayor of the unincorporated town of Idyllwild, California in July 2012.

And the Texas border town of Lajitas has successfully elected three generations of goats to mayor. Heavy drinkers, the goats were regularly fed beer outside a local bar. The already unusual political situation turned criminal when a man was charged with a felony after castrating Henry III in a 2002 prank.

Lobo’s future in municipal politics is also far from certain, if not extremely uncertain.

Kootenay Boundary Regional District Electoral Officer Theresa Lenardon says an animal cannot meet the requirements needed to accept a nomination to run for office in British Columbia

When she found out that Lobo might run, Lenardon had to consult Elections BC and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Key to these requirements is the need for a handwritten signature by the candidate accepting the nomination – what is known as a statutory declaration.

“An animal like a donkey wouldn’t be able to make a solemn declaration,” Lenardon said. “A signature would be required.”

Additionally, there is the matter of O’Connor’s residency as a nominator. Lenardon said O’Connor lives in Regional District Area D, outside the city limits.

“Lobo must have two qualified nominators from the city,” Lenardon said, noting that the city has not yet received the nomination materials.

There are also several other requirements for a candidate.

“A donkey cannot meet these requirements,” Lenardon said.

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