DIY: SOS interior designer Aoife Rhattigan on her collaboration with Baz Ashmawy: “He’s the glue that holds everything together.”


DIY: SOS has been captivating over the past few weeks, with every deserving family touching the hearts of the nation.

It is a pleasure to see the finished house and the happiness it brings to the families and volunteers involved. But with builds typically completed in just nine days, what’s it like to work on such rushed projects?

DIY:SOS Interior designer Aoife Rhattigan says that while it’s a major challenge, the people on the show are worth it, and she cites presenter Baz Ashmay as a particular inspiration.

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“It’s great fun working with Baz, I love him. I mostly laugh at myself because I’m being teased, but every now and then I say a line back to him!”

“However, on a more serious note, I respect and admire his talent for telling the stories of DIY SOS. He really shows off his array of presentation skills, navigating beautifully and with real empathy through the highs and lows of each episode.

“Baz is the glue that holds it all together, keeping the volunteers and production team smiling as we battle through each build,” she says.

DIY: SOS interior designer Aoife Rhattigan

While Aoife admits the building process can be challenging, the dedication and commitment of everyone involved ensures that each home is completed on schedule.

“All DIY:SOS builds are tough, the timelines are crazy, and the design issues we face are tough. We’re usually trying to get an existing building to do something it was never meant to do. originally.”

“However, we have an excellent support system for builds: experienced professionals, tireless volunteers and dedicated vendors make it all possible and it’s a great thing to be a part of it.”

Baz Ashmawy presented DIY SOS for two seasons on RTÉ

Even though all the families on the show are thrilled with the end result, Aoife says she still worries that they won’t like their remodeled home.

“It’s always a concern,” she explains.

“I really dig into the design brief every time and try to fully understand all the needs of the family. At Restless.Design (Aoife’s interior design company), we pride ourselves on approaching each design project with a new mindset and come up with an original design solution. We carry this same approach to all of the DIY SOS families’ homes.”

“I feel like it’s always the role of the designer to push the client a bit, to make them interiors and details that they couldn’t have imagined themselves, and so far, the families seem satisfied with the result!”

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With all the families on the show so worthy, can Aoife pick a favorite build that she particularly enjoyed working on?

“That’s a tough question, it’s like asking someone to choose their favorite child!”

“I loved Tipperary because it was the first episode of DIY SOS Ireland and it was crazy, I loved Limerick because the house was so relatable and Amy is an amazing teenager.

“Santry was our first build in Dublin and we helped bring mum Laura home for the first time. I was really happy with the design of our rear extension.”

“However, I particularly like the latest episode of this week’s series, Laura Sheridan and her beautiful children’s home in Waterford City. As this construction did not require an extension or an elevator, I have taken advantage of to create a dynamic, bold space, and a colorful new home,” she says.

“I always love collaborating with other creatives on projects, so it was fun to bring in artist friends to create unique pieces for interiors.”

DIY SOS: The Big Build Ireland airs on Sundays, 6:30 p.m., TEN One

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