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Board of Directors Approves Sports Facilities Update Plan

Posted 3:51 p.m. on Thursday, August 18, 2022



STANFORD — Lincoln County High School’s football facility is getting a facelift now that the school board has voted unanimously to begin designing a new turf football field, along with other renovations.

Janet Humphrey-Cole spoke on behalf of the Lincoln County Quarterback Club at the August 11 school board meeting and asked the board to vote in favor of the funding request for a turf football field, a new media room , track renovations and an addition to the football field home.

“I come here to show my very enthusiastic support for the funding request and to ask that you vote in favor of this funding request tonight,” Humphrey-Cole said.

Humphrey-Cole said she sees the renovations as a significant investment for Lincoln County students.

“Not just our student athletes, and not just our football team, but our students,” she said.

Before attending the meeting, Humphrey-Cole said he researched and found six different university studies from 2000 to present and the results showed that students who participate in the activities perform better in the classroom overall.

“I think the main goal of any school board organization is to have better performance in a classroom,” she said. “…this is an opportunity to invest not only in our athletes, but also in our academics and to bring income to this community in a very profound way.”

Joe Reed, who said he has worked at Lincoln County High School football games since 1975, also asked the board to vote in favor of the funding request.

“I’ve seen our program grow and I think our kids deserve something better to play in,” Reed said. “Our surrounding counties have better facilities. If it’s time and we’re able to, I’d like to see us move forward because I think it’s not just the student athletes, but I think the public deserves something better.

Farris Marcum and Woods Adams also addressed the board and asked them to support the funding request.

Finance Director Lee Ann Smith said that because of Bill 678, the district can use restricted funds for a “priority five” project on a facility plan.

“So we have a two-year window to use the restricted funds toward what’s considered a priority five or extracurricular type project,” Smith said. “If we weren’t to act during this time and hadn’t implemented the caveats of HB 678, we would have to use money from the general fund. So if we don’t take advantage of what we can do now, we’ll have to use general fund money to pay for that and honestly, I would never be for that.

Smith said the turf, with a 10-year lifespan, can stick together for 20 years if packed with the other renovations.

“We heard about our community. We know what an opportunity this is for us, not only for the children, but also for our community. We showed our pride and spirit of support for our students in the Final Four at Rupp Arena this year and I believe our football team and our football teams and our little league sports who will use them as well, it’s a great opportunity to give back to them as well,” said Board Member Ricky Lane. “It’s my recommendation to go ahead with this…”

Based on the feasibility study’s opinion of likely costs, Smith said the synthetic turf would cost approximately $1 million. Expanding the weight room and adding a restroom would cost approximately $267,000. A new metal roof will cost around $114,000 and a new media room will cost around $250,000.

With track upgrades included, the total cost is estimated to be approximately $2.5 million.

“That’s a ballpark number,” Smith said.

Board member Gloria Sneed said the board has an opportunity to do something right.

The board voted unanimously to approve the funding request.

In other business, the council approved the hiring of architectural firm Sherman Carter Barnhart to oversee the Kings Mountain Elementary School demolition project. Board member Bruce Smith voted against the motion. Council member Ricky Lane recused himself due to a possible conflict of interest.


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