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Millennials will surely remember Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine, while the Woodstock generation is likely nostalgic for the Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus. Whatever images and feelings this iconic microbus conjures up, most of us will be delighted to discover that Volkswagen has reinvented one of its most memorable models and created a microbus that is sure to become a new generation.

That being said, the two-tone painted Volkswagen ID.Buzz has a retro look inspired by the Microbus Type 2 and a design that will appeal to Generation Z. Meanwhile, the all-electric powertrain with a fully automated driving mode shows that the Le German automaker understands demand patterns and is well prepared to help decarbonize the planet.

As for the interior of the Volkswagen ID.Buzz, the Germans have done a fantastic job. It’s safe to say that it doesn’t get much better than this. Unique features, such as a built-in bottle opener and ice scraper, to the incredible cute design elements, everything about the ID.Buzz is attractive. And contrary to a worldwide tendency to create rather boring cars, Volkswagen has built something original and exciting.

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The interior of the VW ID Buzz: cuteness overload

The orange and white color scheme selected for the interior expresses happiness galore! It is not for nothing that people associate orange with joy and sunshine, while white is the color of innocence. Volkswagen has done a fantastic job with the tints here. The interior conveys the sense of happiness and innocence. In fact, just getting into this van already makes you feel younger, happier and more carefree.

We love the Easter eggs inside the VW ID Buzz

On the other hand, a Volkswagen marketing guru probably created these adorable Easter eggs, because only Taylor Swift teases her fan base so brilliantly with little details that keep her music lovers guessing. For example, Car and Driver highlights the silhouette of the van carved into the plastic found on the side of the rear seat housing. Another cute van is carved from a piece of yellow plastic, while a quirky smiley face sits inside the door handle. Self-evolution finds the same silhouette printed on the rear window.

On the more serious side, the “ID”. logo is nicely embroidered on the front seats. Here, we love the contrast between the creamy logo fonts and the orange upholstery. It’s the little details that make all the difference.

To further illustrate Volkswagen’s commitment to eco-consumption, the German car brand made the upholstery from vegan leather, while it made the floor and seat coverings from recycled fabrics. Let’s not forget that in 2019, Marc Lichte, head of Audi design, introduced “vegan leather” as a unique selling point for customers. According to ABC News, Lichte’s teenage daughters told her, “I don’t want to sit on a dead cow.

Naturally, Volkswagen has introduced the eco-responsible trend even in its fleet.

Another Millennial and Gen Z-approved detail is the interactive “ID. Light,” which extends across the windshield in front of the driver above the dashboard, and presents color-based information and the position of the signal light. For example, when ‘ID. Light’ has a red color, the driver knows that his van is signaling danger and the need to brake. The ID. Buzz also comes with 10-color ambient lighting to the standard package and 30 optional shades.

The European version of ID Buzz comes with an entry-level interior trim called “Soul” that works with all exterior colors. Meanwhile, “Mistral” interior trim options are available for the five-seater. “Candy White” is used on the dashboard, door trim, exterior panels and seatbacks and, optionally, the steering wheel. The stronger colors, “X-Blue”, “Orange”, “Yellow” and “Green” decorate the dashboard and the upper part of the door inserts and the interior panels of the seats.

As for infotainment and gadgets, the ID Buzz is equipped with USB-C charging ports, a tray for wireless charging, dual-zone climate control and an infotainment system from 10 inch with a 10 inch screen, but customers can upgrade the display to a 12 inch unit.

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The interior of the VW ID Buzz: an open space where every detail counts

Volkswagen ID Buzz’s quirky design maximizes space beautifully, creating the illusion of endless space. The ID Buzz passenger front seats have adjustable armrests, while the cargo model only has the armrest on the door cards. It should be noted that the higher versions are also equipped with adjustable massage seats with electric controls. We discover an even more interesting design element on the back of the front seats, where passengers can find folding tables.

In terms of space, this adorable microbus has the ideal measurements. So 137.7 cubic feet of cargo space provides plenty of room for tailgating, outdoor and camping adventures, hauling groceries and even moving furniture.

VW ID.Buzz

The Volkswagen ID Buzz is not just a blast from the past, but the right step into the future

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