British Crown seeks new interior designer


Interested in the opportunity to leave your mark on Buckingham Palace? The British Crown has the perfect job offer for you. The royal household posted another public job offer, this time for a designer. And the perks, like “knowing that you are preserving and creating beautiful things that will be enjoyed by future generations”, are quite substantial.

Officially, the work involves a “curtain maker and soft upholsterer”. What does such a career require? “It’s knowing that your curtains add the finishing touch to state rooms. It’s protecting heritage by leaving your own legacy. And it furnishes some of the world’s most famous homes,” the post read. The responsibilities are more limited and seem to fall into two categories: creation and preservation. On the one hand, “you will manage and deliver several furnishing projects, designing new items; estimating materials, costs and lead times; and cutting the fabrics. From tailoring furniture covers to creating new curtains to scale the heights of state rooms, you “I will constantly strive for the highest standards. But then there’s the part of the job where you would work in some of the most historically significant venues in the country. The list goes on: “Working with many historical objects, you will study and assess the condition of the furniture, prioritizing repair and conservation work, while meeting the operational needs of the active royal residences. “

Whoever becomes the new curtain maker and extraordinary upholsterer of the British monarchy (try to fit it on a business card) will work in three royal residences. Located in the Queen’s home, Buckingham Palace, the new location will also decorate both Windsor Castle and St. James’s Palace, home to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Anyone is not qualified to make these textiles for the queen. First of all, go figure, you will need “a lot of experience with upholstery and curtain projects”. The position also requires “exceptional” practical sewing skills, a “structured approach to work” and a willingness to work as a team. Allegiance to the British monarchy is not among the requirements listed. The full-time job salary is only £ 22,000 (approximately $ 27,000 in US dollars) per year, plus a 15% employer-contributed pension and benefits plan. You only have until April 6 to apply, so sew together and get started.

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